Brazilian Butt Lift In 2022: What You Should Know

Brazilian butt lifts in 2022– what should you know? Plastic surgery has the potential to achieve a wide range of goals, including reshaping certain parts of your body into proportions that are more aesthetically pleasing to you. One of the most effective treatments is referred to as a Brazilian butt lift, and it involves moving fat from one part of your body to another, namely your buttocks. This is considered to be one of the more successful and popular surgeries among women in New Jersey.

Buttock augmentation with the Brazilian butt lift method is one of the services provided by Dr. Gartner at Gartner Plastic Surgery. This procedure helps patients in New Jersey attain a more prominent and well-rounded posterior region.

Continue reading this article if you are curious about the factors that have contributed to the rise in popularity of the Brazilian butt lift and everything there is to know about this procedure.

The Basics: Brazilian Butt Lift

A surgery known as a Brazilian butt lift gets its name from the Brazilian surgeon who initially pioneered the method of boosting the buttocks using a patient’s own fat, which is extracted from other places of the body of the patient.

Through the use of liposuction, Dr. Gartner may remove fat from areas of your body where you may have excess, such as from your:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Low back.

Following the treatment of the fat, Dr. Gartner will strategically inject the fat into your buttocks in order to improve and augment the region, resulting in a fuller, perkier look. Your body quickly accepts your fat due to the fact that it is biocompatible and increases the efficiency of the fat transfer.

In the end, a Brazilian butt lift gives a one-two punch in the sense that it removes fat from where you don’t want it and places it where you do want it.

What Can You Expect During Your Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

The Brazilian butt lift is often touted as being among the most effective surgical procedures for rear end contouring. Why is BBL gaining popularity in 2022? The process entails making use of the patient’s own fat in order to enhance the size and form of the buttocks. The operation for a Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient treatment that may be carried out either under general anesthesia or IV sedation in conjunction with local anesthetic.

In most cases, the incisions are made in the patient’s abdominal region, but they may also be made in the thighs, hips, or lower back. Next, Dr. Gartner will remove fat from the pre-selected areas by removing tiny amounts of fat via the incisions. Surgeons who do BBL will tell you that one of the most significant benefits of the surgery is the reduction of fat around your body and the creation of a more aesthetically attractive “framework.” Your surgeon will perform liposuction on the portions of your body that need extra fat to be removed by making use of a thin, specialized tube that is known as a cannula. Using the fat from one’s own body reduces the likelihood of rejection by a substantial margin and avoids a number of potential hazards.

What Occurs After The Procedure

The buttocks are going to get swollen and bruised after the Brazilian butt lift treatment. Only 65 to 85 percent of the fat that was injected will be left behind, while the body absorbs the remaining fat. The swelling goes down after a few days, but staying in bed for at least two weeks is strongly advised until it’s completely gone. During this period, it is recommended that a compression garment be worn for optimal recovery. One to two months should be allowed for a complete recovery to take place. You may be able to go back to work within a few weeks if your rehabilitation goes as planned.

Why Would Someone Get A Brazilian Butt Lift?

There are a lot of different reasons why individuals decide to have a butt lift. For instance, a woman’s musculature and body form might undergo significant shifts after giving birth to a child, particularly in the region of the buttocks.

There is also a role for genetics, since the musculoskeletal systems of certain individuals are predisposed to make their buttocks seem flatter and less pronounced than other people’s.

Last but not least, as you become older, your backside becomes less stable and more susceptible to the effects of gravity, which might be another factor.

Whatever your reasons may be, if you are dissatisfied with the look of your butt and feel that it could use a little augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift may be exactly what the doctor ordered for you.

Are There Risks Involved?

Because of the Brazilian butt lift’s widespread appeal, there have been some questions raised over the procedure’s level of safety as an increasing number of physicians have attempted to do it. This is a topic that we would want to discuss. It is vital that you choose a physician who has the required qualifications and expertise for any surgical treatment you want to undergo.

Dr. Gartner, who has been practicing at his clinic for more than 20 years, has earned a stellar reputation as a leading plastic surgeon in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

The Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that Dr. Gartner has been doing successfully for a number of years, and he would be pleased to take the time to sit down with you to discuss both his expertise and what you may anticipate.

The Top Facts You Should Know About The Brazilian Butt Lift


In order to get the desired results after surgery, a Brazilian butt lift demands the great accuracy and skill of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Regardless of the reason, you should never even think of getting a Brazilian butt lift unless you have access to a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Gartner.

Because of the potential for fat embolism, Brazilian butt lift surgery must be performed with the utmost caution and accuracy. Before selecting a plastic surgeon to carry out the BBL operation, it is essential to confirm the surgeon’s level of expertise in executing the procedure. To perform the technique successfully needs both a skilled hand and in-depth understanding of anatomy.


A Brazilian butt lift that includes fat transfer is a dual-benefiting surgery that not only offers you enlarged buttocks but also provides a contoured body profile in the region where liposuction has been performed. This operation is known as a Brazilian butt lift. To begin, liposuction is capable of removing tenacious fat from limited body regions such as the thighs, abdomen, waist, or back. The necessary quantity of fat is stored in unique canisters until it can be processed. After the fat has been taken, it is cleaned up and then very carefully injected into your buttocks. The use of the patient’s own bodily tissue and, as a consequence, the patient’s own natural outcomes are achieved with fat transfer to the buttocks.

One of the potential drawbacks of fat grafting buttocks is that you can lose 30–40 percent of the grafted fat throughout each session. Therefore, if huge amounts are what you’re after, we recommend doing two or three rounds of fat injections at intervals of six months if necessary.

Sometimes just one step is required; if this is the case, the patient may keep all of the fat that was injected and still be pleased with the results.


Only a small percentage of patients will likely want more buttock volume and significant form alterations. In these kinds of circumstances, a silicone implant is the best option. The most recent kinds of stable implants, which are of the 4th generation, are very long-lasting and robust, and the quality production requirements are exceedingly high. These implants are carefully and safely implanted beneath the muscle or fat compartment of your buttocks. The procedure takes a little over an hour.

This treatment does have the potential downside of leaving a scar inside the butt natal cleft; however, the scars are well-concealed within the butt cheeks. We take measures to ensure that the scars are adequately disguised and do not show even when the patient is wearing revealing clothing such as a bikini or thong.

The Brazilian butt lift operation will result in a refined texture, a more symmetrical contour, and a little increase in overall size. You are able to reach the contour aim in a very attractive way thanks to the skillful hands of the surgeon, who also helps you meet the volume needed when fat cannot do it.

Choosing implants of a modest size will allow you to maintain a natural appearance after the procedure. There are many individuals who do not have much fat in other places of the body; for these patients, the only choice available to them is a buttock implant.

Just make sure that you bring up your aim to Dr. Gartner at the first consultation that you have with him so that everything will be well-clarified and the surgical plan will be set in accordance with it.

Is BBL The Right Procedure For You?

Are you wondering whether this is the right procedure for you? In general, the highly skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Gartner in New Jersey will craft a unique surgical plan for you, according to your body type, in order to satisfy the aesthetic requirement of a balanced silhouette profile. In addition, if you maintain a good diet, engage in regular exercise, and don’t let your weight fluctuate too much, the results of your Brazilian butt lift, BBL surgery, or buttock augmentation surgery will endure for a very long time. Find out if you’re the right candidate for this procedure by booking a consultation today!

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