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Skin Tightening Paramus, NJ

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You already know that loose and sagging skin can negatively affect your overall look, making you appear tired, out of shape, and older than you want to. Many excellent, medical-grade skin care products exist to help keep your skin supple, smooth, and healthy. You’ve tried them all but you know that at a certain age, it becomes more difficult to firm up wrinkling skin without advanced help. You may be uncomfortable with the idea of a surgical facelift, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t powerful, effective options available for you to get your youthful appearance back.

  • Tighten lax-looking skin.
  • Regain confidence in your appearance.
  • Rejuvenate tired features for a lifted appearance, without a facelift.
  • Gives you a firmer facial and body contour.
  • Enable you to enjoy a more youthful appearance.
  • Enable you to enjoy a more youthful appearance.
  • A gentle treatment that isn’t uncomfortable or painful.
  • No scalpel, needles, or stitches.
  • *Minimal downtime.
  • Significant skin tightening without surgery.
  • Skin that has a healthier, more youthful structure strengthened by an abundance of collagen and elastin fibers.
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At Gartner Plastic Surgery And Laser Center, we offer you the cosmetic industry’s gold-standard technology to remodel the look of your skin and boost collagen production. Exilis is an FDA-approved, advanced, radio-frequency skin tightening and fat removal device. If you have heard many promises in the form of treatments and products that failed to deliver, you’ll be excited to know that it is possible to significantly firm up your face and body, with a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery.

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You’ll undergo a thorough consultation before your treatment. We want to hear about your aesthetic goals, your unique physiology, and your medical condition. With this information and examination of your skin, Dr. Gartner can then plan the most suitable course of treatment to get you results. We ensure optimal results with custom-tailored treatment planning that is always designed for you, uniquely. Our expertise also means that we know how to use the device properly, which substantially increases the success of your treatment to obtain unparalleled safety, improvement, and satisfaction for you.

We will always carefully monitor the results obtained after each of your treatment sessions and we will modify your next session or treatment, depending on your progress. This way you will receive the absolute maximum value from your treatments and your time with us. Your program may include complementary procedures and/or medical-grade products that will allow you to see a visible enhancement of your body contour.

Even though your Exilis radiofrequency treatment will target loose skin, the unique technology we offer also eliminates unwanted fat and cellulite at the same time. That means that you’ll not only gain firmer skin—you’ll also have less unwanted fat and a dimpling bonus feature which our clients appreciate!

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The skin tightening technology we offer at Gartner Plastic Surgery is called Exilis. Exilis is an innovative, radiofrequency technology designed to help reshape the body and face through skin tightening and fat reduction. The incredible performance of Exilis works by targeting collagen, the primary building block of your skin utilizing a synergy effect of radiofrequency and ultrasound waves.

The Exilis technology delivers targeted, thermal energy to disrupt the collagen fibers in your skin, causing them to unravel. In response, your body begins the natural healing process and produces new collagen fibers to replace those that have been disrupted. As the collagen fibers increase, they create a better support structure and framework for your skin to make it healthier, more elastic, thicker, and stronger. These changes to collagen and skin structure will make your skin appear smoother and tighter- without having surgery!


Skin Tightening Paramus, NJ

Many different areas can be treated with this versatile system. Different areas such as the abdomen, inner and outer and back of thighs, flanks, buttocks, knees, arms, and back- all benefit from the variable depth settings which allow the effects to take place in the correct layer of skin, at the correct depth, for each area. The customizable option to select different settings is key to creating a personalized and safe Exilis treatment. This is because the thickness of your skin varies depending on the part of the body that will be treated. This innovation is integral to the function of Exilis as both a skin-tightening treatment and a deep, fat-cell destroyer. There is also a specific duration for treatment which has been predetermined for each area, and there is an option to work in two modes – reduction of circumference/fat/cellulite and tightening/collagen stimulation.

A key feature of the design for Exilis is a cooling technology that helps to prevent damage to the upper layers of the skin. The effectiveness of this soothing technology is what makes the treatment painless and relaxing. The cooling will occur simultaneously with the administration of radio frequencies so that the skin is protected and kept comfortable while the energy passes through.

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