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Lip Implants New Jersey, NY

find out everything you need to know about your lip implant options.

one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that we offer at the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, is lip augmentation. people have always found ways to accent their lips and make them appear fuller, softer, and sexier. many people desire full, pouty, more defined, or prominent lips and may have received lip injections that they were pleased with in the past. eventually, however, the consistent maintenance of these treatments may no longer be practical or cost-effective for them.

  • Choose from a variety of implant textures, shapes, and sizes to achieve your desired expectations.
  • You can have your implants placed via the armpit, areolae, breast fold, or belly button.
  • You have the option of undergoing your surgery under general or local anesthesia.
  • Pre-emptive anesthesia allows you to block any pain and discomfort even before your surgery begins.
  • Your care, from the first time you contact us through to your full recovery, is closely monitored by Dr. Gartner and our staff.
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It is often helpful for patients to try treatment with temporary lip fillers to see and feel what their augmented lips will look like. this gives you an idea of the fullness and shape that best suits your features and feels comfortable for you. when you know that a permanent improvement to your lip shape or size is desired, consider if surgical lip implants can offer you an enhanced lip appearance without having to worry about getting a “touch-up”. While this is an instant fix, lip fillers are generally not permanent, and for some people, a long-term, maintenance-free option is good news.

Lip augmentation is a popular cosmetic treatment we offer at Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. While lip injections can provide temporary results, consistent maintenance can become impractical and costly. Temporary lip fillers can give you an idea of the fullness and shape that best suits your features, but surgical lip implants can offer a permanent improvement to your lip size and shape without the need for frequent touch-ups.


Lip implants are a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your lips. The implants are typically made of soft, flexible silicone, and are inserted into your lips to add volume and definition. The result is fuller, plumper lips that are more balanced with the rest of your facial features. If you’re looking to enhance your lips and achieve a more youthful, attractive appearance, lip implants may be a great option for you.


We want you to feel as comfortable and safe as possible during your procedure. That’s why we offer the option of local anesthesia for many of our surgical treatments. Unlike general anesthesia, which can cause drowsiness, headaches, and nausea, local anesthesia allows you to walk out of our office immediately after your procedure and relax at home.

You’ll experience minimal pain during and after your surgery, and over-the-counter pain medication is usually all you need once the local anesthetic wears off. Plus, with fewer risks and after-effects, local anesthesia is a great way to ensure a more pleasant and worry-free experience.


the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center offers a carefully curated selection of aesthetic treatments to suit every need. we invite you to book a consultation and find out which of our facial peel options are best suited to your needs.

Ideal Candidate

Lip implants may be suitable for you if you are unhappy with the shape or size of your lips and would like a permanent solution to your aesthetic concern. Silicone lip implants are considered permanent but can be surgically removed.


The mouth is one of the fastest healing areas of the body. Rapid cell growth and wound healing mean your incisions will be closed within a few days but you may note swelling in this sensitive area for a few weeks and you will have to be careful about activities that could apply pressure or trauma to the lip area for a few weeks post-operation. You will be given detailed post-op care instructions to ensure that you heal well and take care of your new lips. Dr. Gartner will provide you with simple wound care instructions that you can follow at home. You must avoid smoking cigarettes before and after surgery as impaired blood flow will jeopardize healing. We recommend that you avoid known blood thinning medications and supplements before your procedure.

Your lips will appear fuller, soft and more proportionate with the rest of your face, giving you the improved appearance you desire. You no longer have to maintain your full lips with repeated injections- your full, kissable lips are here to stay!

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lip injections done with dermal fillers are suitable for many people and often they offer the subtle improvement or sculpted shape that patients desire.

Your lips heal quickly thanks to rapid cell growth, and incisions will close within a few days. However, it’s normal to experience swelling for a few weeks post-procedure and avoid activities that could damage the lip area. You will be ready to return to public work/activity when the initial swelling resolves- within 3-5 days. You may still note sensitivity and mild swelling for a few weeks afterward.

Dr. Gartner will provide you with detailed post-op care instructions to ensure proper healing and provide wound care guidelines that are easy to follow at home. To ensure optimal healing, it’s important to avoid smoking and blood-thinning medications and supplements before and after surgery.

Risks associated with lip implants

  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Excessive swelling or bruising
  • Implant displacement
  • Implant rejection
  • Disappointing result
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you’ll be taken to the recovery room where Dr. Gartner and his dedicated medical staff will observe you until you’re ready to go home.

you will be ready to return to public work/activity when the initial swelling resolves- within 3-5 days. you may still note sensitivity and mild swelling for a few weeks after.

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Lip Implants New Jersey, NY

Your surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia. We are happy to offer our patients the option of local anesthetic for many of the surgical procedures we offer. Local anesthesia can make your experience more comfortable while reducing general anesthetic-related risks and after-effects. What this means for you is that you can walk out of our office directly after your treatments and relax at home, without drowsiness, headache, or nausea which can sometimes occur with a general anesthetic. A local anesthetic will help prevent pain in your lips long after your procedure and over-the-counter pain medication is typically more than adequate when it wears off.


At Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we believe that your lip implants should be as unique as you are. That’s why our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Gartner, personally customizes each implant to fit your desired look. With precise micro-measurements and the use of soft, natural-feeling silicone implants, you can achieve a result that looks and feels like your own lips. And, to make your recovery as easy as possible, we use absorbable sutures that dissolve on their own, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling a follow-up appointment to have them removed.

The type and shape of your lip implants will be unique to you and your consultation assessment. Implants are personally customized by Dr. Gartner himself for each patient and their desired look. That means that you’ll receive implants that have been uniquely designed, just for your lips. Precise micro-measurements made by an extremely experienced Plastic Surgeon are the key to lip implant success. Dr. Gartner uses silicone lip implants with a soft, natural, and realistic feel. Medical-grade silicone is considered stable and safe for many surgical applications and is inert. It will not degrade or break down in your body.


Absorbable sutures will be used to close your incisions, so you won’t have to deal with the discomfort or hassle of returning to the clinic right away to have stitches removed.