Your Guide To Recovering Properly After Your Breast Lift Surgery

After a transformative breast lift surgery, a period for recovery is necessary before you can fully enjoy your new body. Our New York plastic surgeon and team at the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center advise all patients that have undergone a breast lift surgery to get plenty of rest, not overexert themselves and to take things easy. You will also be advised to wear a sports bra until your body has healed sufficiently and to avoid strenuously physical activity for a period of time.

If you are an active woman then the reduced activity required for a safe recovery may feel a little overwhelming, but we are here to provide support and help. We have also outlined some steps that will make your recovery process a positive experience.


Some patients have reported that they feel rather low or mildly depressed after a breast lift surgery. This can be a normal reaction to all the stress and anticipation that was felt beforehand. The medications prescribed for your recovery can also have an effect on your emotions. Feeling this way is completely acceptable and will disappear as time passes by. In the meanwhile, it helps to talk to friends, family and even the support staff from our clinic. We recommend that you plan low-stress activities and projects to keep your mind occupied while you are venturing out less in the first while.

Typical of the trauma from surgery, you may also be feeling very tired and/or sore. The best advice we give to our patients for this matter is to get plenty of rest. Sleep as much as possible and it will help your body heal faster. You should also drink an adequate amount of fluids and maintain a healthy nutritional intake so that your body has the resources it needs to recover.

Medications prescribed for you will help control any pain or discomfort that you may experience. This varies between patients – some will find that they feel less pain while others may feel a bit more.


Also, it is advised to avoid showers for the first few days after surgery. You will be going home from your breast lift procedure with a light dressing over your incision sites for up to two weeks which can be gently washed over. During this time, we also suggest wearing a light sports bra for support until the wounds have sufficiently healed.

Some patients have noticed slight breast pain and swelling during their first menstruation cycle following the surgery. Do not worry – this is a normal reaction for the body to have when breasts are still sensitive and typically resolves over subsequent months.  The nipples may also experience a loss of sensation or become hypersensitive, which is also expected during recovery from a breast lift surgery.

Knowing what to expect for recovery can help you prepare for it. We have further compiled the following home set-up checklist to assist you during recovery:

  • Arrange for a friend, family member or significant other to complete daily household chores such as shopping, cleaning, washing etc. during the initial stages of your recovery
  • Keep bottled water, prepared meals and fresh fruits/vegetables handy
  • If you own a pet, it is best to have someone else take care of them for a while
  • Aside from the prescribed painkillers, you can have ice packs or frozen peas to apply sparingly for swelling relief if needed.
  • Since you may not feel like venturing out to socialize, have a bundle of entertainment available including your favourite books, music, Netflix and so on
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid unnecessary rubbing against the surgical wounds
  • After surgery, you may find that you feel cold easily so have extra blankets on hand, along with some soft pillows
  • Keep curtains closed and rest as needed because the effects of anesthetic and pain medication can leave you sleepy for a few days
  • Most importantly, have our clinic’s contact information handy in case of any medical questions or emergencies. We are here to help and provide support for your journey.
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