What Is The Average Price of a Mommy Makeover in NJ

Dr. Michael Gartner is a renowned NJ mommy makeover specialist. If you’re considering reshaping your figure after childbirth, you may be wondering how the fees add up for the various surgeries involved. Trying to determine your cost for a mommy makeover before you’ve been to an in-person consultation won’t be easy. You can estimate an average, but your surgeon will need to provide a personalized quote with a custom plan. In the meantime, let’s look at some of the favorite treatment combinations and potential costs you can expect.


Most women who undergo this combination of surgeries at one time will choose an intervention for their tummy and breasts. They may also add labiaplasty, liposuction and more. Because the breasts and belly are usually the two areas that show the most significant skin stretching, sagging or size change, you’ll be among the majority of makeover patients if you target these zones.

Breast Augmentation typically costs between $6,000- $8,000 USD. A breast Lift averages $8,500 but combined with silicone implants will be $11,000 on average. Full abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck) costs $9,500, and a mini tummy tuck, $7,500. Liposuction starts at $3,500 and will be an additional $1,500 per area. One of the benefits to combining more than one surgery at a time is that the fees for each do decrease slightly since you’ll be paying for only one OR/facility fee, anesthetic, and surgical staff only once as well.


Some people don’t factor in the cost of taking time off or hiring help. It’s a necessary and valuable element of your NJ mommy makeover recovery. Most patients take 2-3 weeks off work and pause their gym membership or regular workouts for 3 weeks. After that, and depending on your procedures, you’ll still need to avoid lifting, pushing and pulling anything over 10 pounds for another few weeks. If you have children or pets, it’s a great idea to ask for additional help and allow yourself stress-free time to heal.

After your consultation, you’ll be provided with a surgical quote that outlines the treatment plan, the various medication, operating and other fees, plus taxes. You’ll need to pay a portion of your bill, $1000, to schedule your surgery date.


Having a top to bottom makeover can be life-changing, but it will be a significant financial investment too. Financing options which allow partial and ongoing payments make the total more manageable for many people. Depending on your qualification and the company you choose, you could pay as little as a couple hundred dollars a month after proceeding with your makeover.

We offer three options through trustworthy, reputable financing companies: Prosper, Care Credit and United Medical Credit. Please note that prices are shown as averages, before tax, in US dollars, and are subject to change. Financing rates depend on your credit and the company selected. Ready to start planning? Book your consultation with Dr. Gartner today.

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