What Are Your Incision Options For A Breast Lift?

You may be a great candidate for a mastopexy- otherwise known as a breast lift, if you find your breasts are sagging or drooping. In New York, breast lift procedures are offered at our practice locations in Manhattan and New Jersey. This cosmetic surgical solution perks up the breasts by removing excessive skin and re-positioning the areolas. Depending on your individual needs and goals, Dr. Gartner will devise a treatment plan that involves strategically placed incisions designed to lift and re-shape the breasts. The incision placement can vary due to the different techniques available but are all aimed at producing the same result: lifted, aesthetically pleasing breasts.


The crescent incision is a breast lift technique for women who have minimal sagging and need little correction. It involves a small incision that runs halfway around the top perimeter of the areola. This technique is not very common and is used only when a patient is opting for a breast augmentation procedure.


This incision is also known as the circumareolar incision. It is designed for women who are experiencing mild sagging or ptosis and will benefit from a breast lift. This incision corrects the sagging with only a circular scar, placed at the outer perimeter of the areola pigment. This placement is meant to conceal the scars as much as possible where natural pigment transitions exist. The nipple is elevated in this technique, and a small amount of breast tissue is lifted from the bottom. It is commonly performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure. The Donut Incision is also known as a compromise procedure for those who have too much droop for an augmentation alone, but not enough sag for a full breast lift. Furthermore, the incision technique is effective for reducing the areola size.


This incision can be referred to as the vertical breast lift or a keyhole incision as well. This type of breast lift is commonly used to correct for moderate levels of sagging and provides an opportunity for more extensive reshaping with easy-to-conceal scars. This technique consists of two incisions: one circular cut around the perimeter of the areola and one that runs vertically from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold. This type of breast lift does have a disadvantage, it cannot remove tissue from the bottom inside or outside edge of the breasts.


This incision is similar to the Lollipop Incision, in which the cuts made encircle the areola and extends vertically to the inframammary crease. Additionally, this incision also reaches horizontally across the breast. It is the breast lift technique used for dramatic reshaping in order to correct extensive sagging or serious ptosis, and can be used in conjunction with a breast reduction. This incision allows for the most amount of breast tissues to be removed from the bottom of the breast, the general area that causes drooping. While this breast lift procedure comes with the most scarring, proper care during recovery will help the scars fade significantly.

There are many options available to create the type of breast lift you may want. After a consultation and examination with Dr. Gartner at one of our bright, inviting clinics in New York,  we will determine together which technique is best for your body and for reaching your goals.

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