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Laser Hair Removal NJ

Non-surgical Procedure

A Quick Rundown of Laser Hair Removal NJ Services

Laser hair removal is the best solution to most hair removal needs. Laser hair removal at our NJ clinic knows just what to do to deal with different skin and hair types. We understand the need to personalize treatments for each client.

At our medical spa in NJ, we offer laser hair removal as one of our services. Mainly, we target unwanted hair in various parts of the client’s body. It does not matter if the hair can be found on your face, underarms, legs, and bikini area, the hair removal NJ processes recommended are the ones that suit you best. It could be in the form of plucking or chemical removal, with primarily the emphasis on the latter. Some clients also ask for this process to be performed on their back and ears. Laser hair removal is safe anywhere on the body.

What may be causing your excessive hair growth?

You are probably here because you are bothered by your excessive hair growth. It is also possible that you just want to get rid of some hair permanently.
For the former, excessive hair growth can be caused by medical conditions. Those with abnormal hormone levels, acne, or irregular periods may experience this. It may be caused by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or something else. Whatever the case may be, our laser hair removal NJ clinic and spa will assist you in getting to the bottom of your hair problem while also proposing to solve it.

Should you consider other hair removal treatments?

There are undoubtedly other treatment types out there. Each of them has various levels of comfort and different treatment types. These procedures may also vary in cooling methods.

You may want to check out our hair removal NJ clinic and spa that specializes in several methods. This way, you can ask advice on which is best for your hair and skin type. Our clinic will give you a fair tailored treatment plan because we offer the other procedures, anyway. Make a consultation with experts on the field who are committed to doing the job safely and effectively.

Why is laser hair removal the better choice?

Laser hair removal NJ is the best option for getting rid of unwanted hair. It gets rid of hair down to the follicle. Because the follicles have been destroyed, the hair can no longer regrow. However, the process requires a little bit of patience. Clients have to come back a few times because laser removal NJ can only be done when the hair is in active growth. In the end, it is worth it.

What you need to remember, though, is not to compare your results with the next person. Laser hair removal is tailored to your hair and skin type. During the consultation, you will be given an idea of what to expect and what kind of treatment best fits you.

The good news is that our New Jersey clinic has been following the technology from its inception. We continue to follow the various developments up to the present day and apply the knowledge to serving each client independently.

Is laser hair removal NJ for you?

If you are a New Jersey resident considering laser hair removal, your first question may involve if the method is good for you. Is it only for women? The good news is that it is not. Both men and women can avail of the service as long as there is a desire to cleanly and evenly get rid of hair – eventually for good – from various parts of the body. Our New Jersey clinic offer cosmetic light and laser therapies, which can be applied safely to remove hair for all skin types.

When we mean all skin types, we mean anyone – just about anyone can try it. Our New Jersey hair removal clinic has served African Americans, Asians, Middle Easterns, mixed races, and other races. All clients from different ethnic groups have come out of these clinics, happy with the successful procedures. The methods also do not affect the skin pigments negatively.

However, there are other factors to consider. You may have to think about whether it is feasible to get your hair removed when you are in your 30s and 40s. Why? The method is not recommended to those with fair hair (grey, white, etc.) The procedure is generally age-inclusive, though, with patients as young as school age and as old as in the 80s availing of it.

Is it recommended for ingrown hairs?

Yes, it is. It may be the most effective way to help you eliminate ingrown hairs.

Do men need regular treatment?

Hair removal is for everyone. It does not discriminate based on gender and race. So, yes, men can get regular treatments. With men, the usual treatment areas include the abdomen, chest, neck, and ears. Just like any other appointment preparations, they should shave the areas before treatment. Most of these guys will have a different experience from the usual hair removal treatment. A typical goal involves thinning the hair out instead of removing the strands using the laser.

Because of the difference in goals, men are likely to have fewer sessions before completing their treatments.

Does it hurt?

Some people shy away from the procedure because they worry about being subjected to pain. They do not have anything to worry about because laser hair removal feels like a gentle tug. At the worse, it has been described as being snapped by a rubber band. A cryogen spray is usually applied before the laser is pressed on the skin. Its precooling motion makes the treatment comfortable.
Other clients may get the LightSheer, which has a cold plate used for numbing the skin. When you set this off to Duet mode, it can be both the most relaxing and the fastest hair removal experience you will ever have. Because of its speed and comfort combination, it is often recommended for large areas of skin.

How does the patient get prepared for the hair removal NJ process?

The hair removal process is simple, but it must be preceded with some careful preparations. The doctor or technician will shave or trim the hair on the area to be treated. They will do a close shave so that the laser can also get as close to the skin as possible. The settings will be adjusted to accommodate the skin location, color, and of course, the hair thickness. The cold gel or cooling device will be used to protect the skin and prepare it for the actual hair removing process.

Another reason for the shaving and trimming preparation is that laser hair treatment works best for short hair. The hair in the treatment area should not be more than two millimeters. You can get ready for the treatment by doing the shaving or clipping yourself. However, you should not pluck or wax your hair up to two weeks before your scheduled appointment. As for back hair, you should have it shaved a day or two before your treatment.

One of the main reasons you need to go through the procedure with hair at a minimal length is that it makes the process effective. You will also be less likely to experience pain with shorter hair. Longer hair can pose more risks, such as in the case of burns.

The patient will also be asked to remove all make-up and sunscreen. Aftershave will have to be rinsed off, as well. Finally, the eyes will be covered to protect them from the laser.

What happens during the process?

Once the area of skin is prepared, a pulse of lights is transmitted to the site. The light gets through to the hair follicle. It prevents future hair growth by damaging the follicle. However, it does not damage the skin itself. Because of this, you are not likely to feel pain, nor should you expect a bruise. Nevertheless, because different people have different skin and respond to sensations in their unique ways, you may hear a few talking about feeling a tiny pinch.

How long does the process last?

The process is generally quick and painless. It can be super fast if you are only having a small area covered. For example, it can be as short as five minutes for your upper lip. On the other hand, the back and leg areas cover an extensive amount of hair. So, the process can last more than an hour. With this in mind, you can plan your day accordingly.

What happens after the procedure?

While you may not expect bruising, there may be some redness. Usually, it only takes a few hours, and it will subside. You can easily manage the discomfort with an ice pack. Then, you can add some soothing cream. Every day after your treatment, you must use an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. Reapply if needed.

How many treatments do you need?

Again, it depends on your skin and hair type. Factors that may affect your treatment frequency are hair density and color and hormonal changes. You may also consider the hair growth stage you are in when you visit the clinic or spa. Some phases are more responsive to hair laser treatments.

Skin location is also a factor. For example, facial treatments should be four to six weeks apart. The legs, more extensive areas, need eight weeks or more apart. What you can be sure of, however, is that with succeeding treatments, you will notice that fewer and fewer hair strands will be growing.

What are the potential side effects?

Rest assured that side effects are rare. For full disclosure, however, you should know that there may be some complications, more likely temporary than permanent.

One of such temporary effects is hyperpigmentation or skin darkening. It is more prevalent in those with tanned skin or naturally dark skin tones. You may want to ensure that a specialized laser will be used during consultation.
The opposite result – skin color lightening or hypopigmentation – can also occur if the wrong laser is used on tanned skin.

Another potential side effect that people worry about is scarring. This side effect is infrequent, especially if you choose our experienced technicians and physicians.

Our skilled technicians will also help you avoid crusting and blistering, some of the known but rare risks of laser hair treatment.

The best thing to do is to ask all the questions in your mind during your consultation. You may have heard that laser treatments are also not recommended by some doctors if you have tanned skin. See what your particular doctor says about it.

How do you take care of the area of treatment?

After you are done with your treatment, you may have to treat the skin area yourself at home. There will be some minor reactions, such as minimal redness. However, it should subside within hours of treatment. Some people even see an improvement within minutes only. But again, reactions will depend on your hair and skin type. You can even speed up the recovery by applying an ice compress on the area. You don’t have to apply antibacterial cream. However, you should not expose your skin to the sun after your hair removal treatment. So, ensure that you bring an umbrella and a coat to the clinic or spa.

Should people with light hair go through laser treatments?

While laser hair treatment is often offered to all skin and hair types, those with grey, silver, or light blond hair are not advised to undergo the procedures. They will not be as effective.

What are various types of hair laser treatments?

Laser hair removal NJ comes in various ways, as our New Jersey spa and clinic crack down on the best, specialized treatments for every kind of hair removal need.

For example, there are procedures designed explicitly for susceptible skin, which burns under the sun’s heat. GentleLase is such a typer of a laser. It also targets skin that easily tans, although generally not quite as sensitive.

Darker skin is also accommodated in lasers such as the GentleYag. This laser can also handle skin that is often exposed to the sun.

For general but effective laser hair removal, the Lightsheer can provide a very comfortable experience. It is also swift – a must for those who seek services that emphasize this particular feature.

As Gartner Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa continues to address various hair and skin types, more and more laser therapy options are brought out to the public. Some may be used in combination. So, it is great to be informed about possible choices before you consult with your doctor. This way, you can pose some relevant questions about what treatment to get and possibly have an informed discussion with your doctor.

With the procedure only focusing on your hair and skin, you can quickly get back to work. Just be aware of any after-care techniques that can ease the reddening immediately.

What type of clinic or spa should you choose?

Not all laser hair removal NJ clinics and spas are made equal. Some of these are just there for the business. Go for one that aims to get rid of your hair safely and effectively.
• The facility should have the latest equipment designed for safe hair removal. This way, the doctors and technicians can easily personalize your treatment and not put you at risk because your skin type is different from most.
• Go for one that provides several treatments, especially those that address the different types of skin and hair – based on texture and color.
• Read reviews about potential clinics to see what they can offer. More likely, you will find people being vocal with the extreme ends: being completely dissatisfied or being wholly happy with the service.


Our New Jersey hair removal clinic and spa can provide you with some of the best treatments. You don’t have to go to another state to take advantage of excellent facilities and hair removal expertise. Consult us today to find out what the best method is for you and your hair type.


No guarantees of any kind unless they are money-back guarantees. No claims of permanent results. No “Miracle cures” for medical ailments.*

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