How To Find The Perfect Bra After Your Breast Lift Surgery

Waiting to see your results and try on new bras is exciting after a breast lift surgery, but it is also a critical time for your body to properly recover from the experience. Following the procedure, you will likely have gone home with a supportive garment for your new breasts. Usually after four to six weeks, the majority of swelling from the surgery has subsided and your breasts will have “dropped and fluffed”, meaning they have settled and obtained a more natural appearance.

At this point, our medical team at the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in New York will give you the green light to go bra shopping for your new and improved breasts. Although there may still be some swelling present, it is a negligible amount by 6 weeks post op, and will not affect your new bra size. It is crucial to wait for instructions from your medical provider as wearing a regular bra too soon can cause irritation of sensitive tissues and prevent proper healing of the incisions.

When shopping for a new bra, we encourage our patients to take their time and enjoy the process. It is not uncommon that the size and style of bra needed has changed, so it is the perfect opportunity to try something new!

However, it is important to choose a proper fitting bra because the appropriate level of support for your breasts is imperative to maintaining the results from your breast lift surgery. If the proper support from a fitting bra is lacking, you may eventually experience sagging again along with backaches, shoulder aches, thinning skin and other associated problems.


Many women go through their lives without knowing that they are wearing an ill-fitted bra. A session designated for a professional bra fitting can solve this problem and all women can greatly benefit, especially those who have undergone a breast lift surgery. After a cosmetic procedure that treats the breasts, women will notice a slightly different feel, shape and size to their chest. Thus, a professional with experience can offer expertise in selecting the perfect bra that will provide the most appropriate level of support for you. They will also be able to recommend the styles that work the best for your new body shape.


One of the very first bras that you will likely want to buy after a breast lift is a supportive, soft-cup sports bra. These bras offer the extra support that is needed for your breasts to heal well and provide great comfort compared to a traditional bra.


You now have perkier, lifted breasts to complement your body contour, therefore it is the perfect time to try out something different that you may have shied away from in the past. When shopping for the new bras, play around with some unfamiliar colours and styles to see how they look now. You might be surprised to discover a new style that fits you well.

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