How Long Will Smart Lipo In NJ Last?

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We can safely assume that if you’re a New Jersey resident who’s considering using Smart Lipo to get rid of persistent, undesirable fat deposits that simply won’t go away with diet and exercise, then you want that fat gone for good! Will the effects of Smart Lipo, on the other hand, be permanent? If you gain weight or become older, would that stubborn fat come back on your body? Read this blog article by Dr. Gartner, a cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey, to discover more about Smart Lipo and how long the benefits persist after the procedure.

Benefits of Smart Lipo Treatment in NJ

The advantages of Smart Lipo go above and beyond those of standard liposuction, and include the following:

  • Sculpts regions of excess fat
  • Extends and improves the outcomes compared to those from standard liposuction treatments
  • Tightening the treated regions by stimulating collagen production
  • Recovery period is less than with standard liposuction
  • Most people are candidates for this type of procedure.

When it comes to the Smart Lipo treatment, someone who is healthy, fit, and at or near their desired body weight is an excellent candidate for Smart Lipo, just as they would for standard liposuction. It is especially beneficial for those who have localized deposits of fat on their thighs, waist, back, and stomach, as well as on sensitive places like the chin, neck, and ankles, to use this liposuction method.

How Do Smart Lipo Treatments Work?

Smart Lipo differs from our other forms of liposuction in that it uses a laser to perform the procedure. Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive procedure that employs a small, laser-tipped cannula to liquefy undesirable fat without hurting nearby tissues. The fat may either be permitted to be eliminated naturally by the body or readily suctioned away using a cannula to remove it. In addition, the laser light closes blood vessels, resulting in less bruising, and stimulates collagen in the surrounding tissues to contract, resulting in enhanced tightness of the treated regions.

A local anesthetic may be used in many circumstances while doing Smart lipo for our New Jersey patients, according to Dr. Gartner experience. Depending on the amount of places being treated, the procedure might take up to an hour to complete.

Smart Lipo produces outstanding results both as a stand-alone procedure and when combined with other liposuction techniques. Following Smart Lipo, you will see recovery and positive results.

How is the Recovery Period After Smart Lipo Treatment?

Recovery period with Smart Lipo is often shorter than it is following standard liposuction alone. The majority of patients take between one and seven days off work. Strenuous activities should be avoided for approximately a week, although walking and other mild exercises may help you recuperate more rapidly in the short-term. You may need to wear a compression wrap or garment for around 2 weeks in order to reduce swelling and facilitate healing.

Within a week, your smaller appearance will begin to take shape as the regions tighten up and the swelling diminishes. Over the next several weeks, the situation will continue to improve in certain areas.

How Long Do the Effects of Smart Lipo Last?

The outcomes of Smart Lipo are similar to those of regular liposuction in that they may endure for many years to come. This requires continued attention to one’s food and way of living. Many patients who have had a fat-reduction treatment claim that their drive to eat healthier and exercise has increased as a result of their newfound appreciation for their new body shape.

The way your body is contoured by the Smart Lipo laser will stay unchanged, regardless of whether you gain or lose weight in the future or if you experience the natural aging process.

So, What Happens if I Put on a Few Pounds?

Patients undergoing Smart Lipo are recommended to maintain their post-operative weight in order to achieve the greatest potential cosmetic outcomes. However, cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Gartner of New Jersey are well aware that this is not always achievable. Don’t be concerned if you gain a few pounds following your Smart Lipo Procedure. As long as you don’t gain more than 10 pounds, you’re unlikely to detect a significant change in your physique, particularly in the region that has been sculpted with the Smart Liposuction laser.

Even if you acquire more than 10 pounds as a result of a Smart Lipo surgery, it is improbable that you would recover that weight in the region where you had Smart Lipo performed. Suppose you had Smart Lipo done on your abdomen and gained 10lbs or more. You are more likely to acquire that extra weight in your thighs, breasts, and face than you are to gain it in your stomach.

Is it Possible for the Fat That is Removed by Smart Lipo to Come Back in the Same Spot?

Many people in New Jersey are curious about whether or not the fat that has been removed by Smart Lipo will ever come back. The answer is most of the time- no! There will be no regrowth of fat after it has been eliminated. Although it is unlikely, if you have residual fat in a treatment location such as your belly, it is conceivable that those fat cells may grow in size if you gain weight. So, although it is possible to gain weight in the region that has had Smart Lipo, you will still have a more contoured physique in that area compared to what you had before having the procedure done.

Will my Smart Lipo Results be Affected by Future Pregnancies?

Many women in New Jersey are anxious that a future pregnancy may undo the effects of their Smart Lipo Procedure, and they are not alone. There is no need to be concerned about this. You will be able to return to your pre-pregnancy body contour as long as you lose the weight, or at least the majority of the weight, that you gained during pregnancy. However, you may experience normal side effects of pregnancy, such as sagging skin or stretch marks, and may require additional plastic surgery procedures to achieve the body you desire.

Is Smart Lipo Effective in Tightening Skin?

A patient’s inherent skin elasticity at the time of therapy determines the degree of skin tightening that is attainable with Smart Lipo treatment. By liquefying fat cells before extracting them with a small cannula, laser liposuction utilizing the Smart Lipo technology is intended to make it easier to remove resistant fat deposits from the body. Because of the modest amount of heat emitted by the laser probe, it is possible that collagen may compress somewhat. Patients who have a substantial loss of elasticity will need a supplemental procedure such as abdominoplasty in addition to other lift techniques in order to tighten their skin more.

Smart Lipo vs. BodyTite: Which Is Better?

Smart Lipo and BodyTite have both been authorized by the FDA for fat removal. Both are intended to dissolve fat cells in specific areas while also gently heating dermal tissue for a subtle tightening of the skin. Smart Lipo is a kind of liposuction that uses laser technology. Fat cells that have been liquefied are manually extracted throughout the procedure. The heat created by the Smart Lipo device is modest, and it is unlikely to result in significant skin tightening as a result of it. The results of fat loss, on the other hand, are considerable.

BodyTite is not a liposuction method in the traditional sense. A nonsurgical fat-reduction and skin-tightening procedure, it is best summarized as follows: A minor incision is required for this technique in order to heat the superficial fatty tissue. Over time, as a consequence of this heating, the body flushes out the “damaged” fat cells, resulting in a reduction in the circumference of the treated region. It is possible that the skin tightening effects of BodyTite will be more significant than those of Smart Lipo since radiofrequency radiation is released from two parallel probes during the procedure, one internal and one exterior. If a patient wants greater fat loss, he or she must choose between more skin tightening and more fat reduction.

How many Smart Lipo Treatments do you Need to see Results?

The majority of patients just need a single Smart Lipo treatment to attain the desired outcomes. This is due to the fact that Smart Lipo eliminates fat in the same way as conventional liposuction, but with the addition of a laser-assisted approach.

Is There any Scarring Left Over from my Smart Lipo Treatments?

Smart Lipo may leave no visible scars in the treated region, depending on the extent of the procedure. In certain cases, a tiny incision is performed right inside the belly button to get the desired result. Lower abdomen therapy may be carried out through incisions that are tucked behind the bikini line to minimize visibility.

Is Anesthesia Used During Smart Lipo Procedures in New Jersey?

We’re often asked if anesthesia is needed for this type of procedure as it is considered a cosmetic treatment at our clinic. An hour is generally all that it takes to perform the Smart Lipo treatment. The use of a local anesthetic is all that is required to keep the patient comfortable unless the fat-reducing treatment is combined with another body-contouring approach, such as abdominoplasty. It is customary for combination treatments to be conducted under general anaesthetic.

Is Smart Lipo a Safe Procedure Overall?

The use of laser-assisted liposuction was studied extensively prior to FDA approval, with Smart Lipo displaying a very high success rate in terms of both safety and effectiveness in both clinical and research investigations. Patients had up to a 17 percent reduction in fat in the target region and required very little time to recover after their procedure. There have been no reports of significant injuries.

At Gartner Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, our patients ask us if Smart Lipo can be painful, regardless of it being a safe procedure. When doing Smart Lipo procedures, the anesthetic utilized to keep the patient comfortable is adequate. It is essential, however, that the procedure be carried out by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon for instance, Dr. Gartner who has particular knowledge with the Smart Lipo technology. Dr. Gartner places a high priority on patient comfort in addition to achieving excellent outcomes.

Getting Started on Your Smart Lipo Treatment

The first step in achieving your aesthetic objectives is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gartner, who treats patients across the New York and New Jersey region. Our team relishes the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with you to better understand your aims and provide their expert advice on the processes that will be most beneficial to you in the long run.

If you decide to proceed with Smart Lipo therapy or any surgical procedure, the consultation will be your best option to get started in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan specialized for you.

Why should you Choose Gartner Plastic Surgery in New Jersey?

In his practice, Dr. Gartner is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with vast expertise in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Gartner stays up to date with the most recent innovations in aesthetic cosmetic surgery, ensuring that he is on the cutting edge of advances not only in the United States, but also in other countries.Smart Lipo is a procedure in which you can anticipate to be handled with exceptional competence and tailored, high-quality care when you come to our facility.

What is the Best Way for me to Have my Other Smart Lipo Questions Answered?

You can reach our Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser center specialists in New Jersey at (201) 546-1890 if you’re thinking about having a Smart Lipo treatment performed at our clinic.

Our team will gladly answer your questions about the procedure and any additional information that you would like to know about our Smart Lipo treatments. Your transformation is one call away- we can’t wait to hear from you!

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