About Dr. Gartner And His Amazing Education And Career As A Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gartner is the ideal board-certified cosmetic surgeon for you to choose if you are looking for someone who is not only dedicated to his work but also possesses the great ability and credentials necessary to perform a wide variety of aesthetic surgical procedures. If you are in the market for someone like this, Dr. Gartner is the ideal board-certified cosmetic surgeon for you.

Dr. Gartner is generally recognized as one of the greatest cosmetic surgeons in the New York and New Jersey region. This is mostly because of the many years of expertise and education that he has accumulated. In point of fact, a significant number of individuals from different parts of the globe go to his clinic, which is known as Gartner Plastic Surgery, in order for him to carry out their plastic surgery treatment.

In this article, we will go over additional aspects of Dr. Gartner’s expertise, his credentials, as well as the reasons why selecting a board-certified surgeon is always the best decision to make sure and guarantee that you will receive the outcomes that you really deserve as a result of your surgical procedure.

What Does It Mean To Be A Doctor Who Is Qualified By Two Different Boards, And Why Is It Important To You?

We are aware that finding a doctor may be a stressful and time-consuming process for patients, and we are here to help. There are a large number of surgeons available, each with their own specialized knowledge and set of skills; having said that, it is of the utmost importance to select a surgeon who has been subjected to stringent testing, exams, and has extensive experience in order to make certain that you have the most positive experience possible with your surgery.

Dr. Gartner, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, has completed extensive training in both the cosmetic and medical fields, making him one of the few surgeons in the New Jersey and New York area who is qualified by both of these boards. To add, he is also a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. We have included some of Dr. Gartner’s medical background information below in order to provide you with further context and specifics.

Doctor Gartner’s Medical Background And Experience

The following is some information on Dr. Gartner’s educational history and cosmetic surgery experience. Dr. Michael Gartner has full certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery in the specialty of plastic surgery, as well as full certification from the American Board of Surgery in the general surgical specialty.

He is one of the few plastic surgeons in the US to have certification from both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgeons, and he is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons as well.

A pioneer in the area of aesthetic cosmetic surgery, Dr. Gartner is recognized all over the globe for his work. He has perfected his surgical skills in order to give an approach that is less intrusive, which means that you won’t have to cope with protracted times of recuperation that are excessively unpleasant.

The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey is where Dr. Gartner earned his medical degree so he may practice medicine. After finishing a rotating internship that lasted one year at the Atlantic Medical Center, where he served as the Chief Intern, he went on to complete a general surgery residency that lasted five years at the Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, New Jersey, where he served as the Chief Resident in the final year of his training.

Dr. Gartner initially had an interest in cardiothoracic surgery; however, he ultimately decided to pursue a career in plastic surgery rather than cardiothoracic surgery not only due to the wide variety of surgical procedures available but also because it satisfied his artistic and creative sensibilities. In addition to his initial education, he received extra instruction in hand and microsurgery throughout the course of one more year at the illustrious Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Interesting Facts About Dr. Gartner

Dr. Gartner has certification from both the Plastic Surgery Board and the General Surgery Board. This indicates that he has broad knowledge of all sections of the body, ranging from the surface soft tissues to the interior organs, and that he has been educated to undertake surgical treatments that target both areas for the purpose of therapeutic improvement as well as aesthetic enhancement. Because of expertise, he is able to manage even the most difficult situations, including any difficulties that you may have had with previous cosmetic surgeons.

Dr. Gartner is always working to improve surgical methods in order to make them less invasive, less stressful for patients, and less time consuming for their recoveries. During cosmetic treatments such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, and liposuction, for instance, it is customary to provide general anesthetic in order to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety.

Patients who are good candidates, however, now have the option of undergoing these surgeries with just a local anesthetic because of the innovative methods that Dr. Gartner has developed. This not only eliminates the hazards associated with general anesthesia, but you may also discover that you will suffer much less pain and discomfort throughout your recovery, and you may also get your ideal results sooner as a consequence of this.

Why Should You Make Sure To Choose A Plastic Surgeon Who Is Board Certified Such As Dr. Gartner?

Now that we’ve discussed some of Dr. Gartner’s significant background with cosmetic surgery, let’s go over the reasons why it is so crucial to choose a plastic surgeon who is board-certified for your procedure.

To successfully improve the appearance of your body via cosmetic surgery, you will need to have a significant degree of faith in your surgeon. Before beginning any therapy, it is essential to get familiar with your physician’s history and to have full faith in his or her qualifications, some of which we have already listed in this article.

Did you know that any licensed physician in the United States may legally conduct cosmetic procedures? However, plastic surgeons who have been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery have undergone specialized training in the field of plastic surgery. Take into consideration the following factors in favor of selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon before deciding on a specialist for your procedure:


Although all doctors undergo extensive training throughout the course of their careers, only some of them specialize in surgical procedures. A physician must finish at least five years of surgical training after graduating from medical school in order to become board certified as a plastic surgeon. This training must include participation in a plastic surgery residency program. You can be certain that a board-certified plastic surgeon has undergone the kind of specialized training that is necessary to assist you in accomplishing your aesthetic objectives.


Plastic surgeons have years of training in reconstructive surgery as part of their education, which helps develop their sense of both function and form. Plastic surgeons are educated to do surgery on both the body and the face. A comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy, keen attention to detail, and a highly developed sense of aesthetics are all requirements for successful plastic surgery.


In order to get board certification as a plastic surgeon, candidates must, in addition to having completed years of specialized study in the field of plastic surgery, pass a series of challenging tests and satisfy any other conditions laid out by the board. You may have peace of mind knowing that a board-certified plastic surgeon has undergone extensive training and passed rigorous examinations.


Once a physician has achieved board certification, they are required to engage in ongoing education programs in order to keep their position. As a direct result of this, board-certified plastic surgeons actively participate in continuing education throughout their careers.


Acquiring a medical degree and a license to practice medicine are prerequisites for board certification; nevertheless, board certification is entirely optional and must be pursued via a rigorous and time-consuming procedure. This points to the fact that the plastic surgeon in question is dedicated to providing the best possible level of care and safety for their patients.

Learn More About Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gartner

If you are considering having work done on your breasts, body, or face, you will want to ensure that you are in capable hands throughout the process. You’ll need previous surgical expertise, technical prowess, and aesthetic discernment to succeed. When contemplating cosmetic surgery, it is essential to keep in mind the many advantages associated with board certification, as we’ve mentioned in this blog.

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