10 Things You Should Know About Mommy Makeover In NJ

Motherhood delivers a plethora of pleasures—but it also comes with its fair share of difficulties! According to many mothers, one of the most difficult aspects of having children is that it may affect your body in undesired ways, such as having a persistent belly or drooping breasts, among other things. Exercise and proper diet, for example, might sometimes help to reverse the effects of these alterations, but in many instances, the changes seem to be irreversible.

The majority of the women who come to us do so because they want to appear like they did before having children, and we are delighted to assist them with what we refer to as “Mommy Makeover Surgery.

Tummy tucks, breast lifts, and other procedures are included in mommy makeover surgery to help moms regain their pre-pregnancy appearance and feel more like themselves again.

The fact that we can provide cosmetic surgery mommy makeover alternatives to ladies in New Jersey and beyond is a wonderful feeling. In order to better understand what a mommy makeover entails before you come in for an appointment with us, we urge you to read the following information about the treatments.


A Mommy Makeover is a collection of body contouring techniques designed to help women who have suffered physical changes as a result of pregnancy and nursing to look and feel their best. This specialized mix of plastic surgery methods may comprise the following procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation: often known as a boob job is a technique that reshapes and improves the structure of the breasts by using fatty tissue from your body or implanted breast tissue.
  • Breast Lift: Also known as a mastopexy, this procedure restores a more youthful aspect to the breasts by tightening the surrounding tissue and eliminating any excess skin, allowing them to be raised higher.
  • Breast Reduction: A reduction mammaplasty is a surgical procedure in which extra skin, tissue, and fat are removed from your breasts in order to decrease their size.
  • Tummy Tuck: Also known as an abdominoplasty, this treatment improves the appearance of the abdominal profile by tightening weak muscles and removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen.
  • Liposuction: also known as ‘lipo,’ since it involves using a suction method to remove undesired fat from different portions of your body such as your arms and hips, neck and buttocks, tummy, and thighs.
  • Augmentation of the buttocks: often known as a ‘Brazilian Butt Lift,’ is a technique that improves the size and form of your buttocks while also increasing the contour and tone of your buttocks.


  1. A mommy makeover should not be scheduled until you are certain that you are done with having children. If you believe you may want to have more children in the future, it’s usually best to put off your cosmetic surgery for the time being. This is simply because having more children can negate whatever improvements you’ve made as a consequence of your mommy makeover, putting you right back where you began.
  2. A mommy makeover generally consists of a number of different treatments. Depending on the individual, a belly tightening operation (also known as a tummy tuck) and some kind of breast treatment are usually performed together in a single visit. Breast augmentation, a breast lift, or a combination of the two may be performed in the latter case, depending on the patient’s desired results. All of these treatments may be performed by our surgeons at the same time.
  3. When you’ve reached the weight that you want to maintain for the rest of your life, it’s time to have your mommy makeover done. It’s true that eating correctly and exercising may help you recover from surgery more quickly, but you don’t want to become too small before the treatment. It is recommended that you attain a weight that you can sustain.
  4. You have the option of adding additional surgeries in your mommy makeover. This technique is truly intended to help you achieve the look you had before having children—and in certain cases, this may include adding some further procedures to your repertoire. Liposuction, injectables, and other procedures are examples of what is available.
  5. Mommy makeovers aren’t as terrible as you may expect. In contrast to other surgical procedures, mommy makeovers are performed using a medication called Exparel, which might cause some postoperative pain to disappear. Exparel, which was first introduced roughly five years ago, is a targeted numbing agent that lasts for a full three days, allowing you to sail through the worst of the post-operative discomfort with relative ease.
  6. The length of time required for a mommy makeover procedure varies. Based on what you’re having done, your mommy makeover might take anywhere from a few hours to several. This is all depending on how many procedures you have in combination.
  7. After being up and walking about for a while, you won’t have to wait long before being able to return home. – Please keep in mind that all treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, which means you will be able to get up and go as soon as they are completed and the surgeon has allowed you to leave the clinic.
  8. You can expect to be out of office for a number of weeks. However, it may take seven to ten days before you are able to get out of bed and do some light physical activity. Your recovery time will be around four weeks before you may resume all of your typical activities, including any kind of strenuous exercise or physical activity.
  9. Mommy makeovers are more successful during some seasons than others. Moms often inquire as to the most appropriate time of year to have their procedure performed. The quick answer is that you should get your mommy makeover done anytime you will have someone to assist you with your kids. We strongly advise scheduling your event around a period when someone can assist you or when your partner can take a few days off from work to allow for you to recover properly.
  10. Before having your mommy makeover surgery, you should always arrange a consultation with a doctor. In fact, this is something that we are really adamant about. We want to make sure we’re on the same page as you when it comes to your objectives, and we want to establish some clear expectations for you about the procedure and the recovery period. Additionally, our doctors will want to make sure that you’re in excellent health before your procedure, in order to ensure that you recover as soon as possible once it is completed.


We hope you find these suggestions useful; but, if you have any other questions or issues, please let us know and we would be happy to address them. Speaking frankly with patients about their alternatives and assisting them in becoming really enthused about what cosmetic surgery can do is one of our greatest pleasures. We are always here to assist you in any way we can during the process.

One of the most important messages we want our patients to take away from this is that becoming a mother is a very gratifying experience—but it’s also common to feel disappointed by what seems to be permanent changes to one’s physical appearance. Those changes, however, do not have to be permanent; with a mommy makeover, you may restore your appearance and confidence to the way you were before the children arrived on their own.


When determining whether or not to go with a Mommy Makeover, there are a variety of things to take into consideration. It entails a significant financial, time, and energy commitment on your part, as well as that of your support system.

If you decide that a Mommy Makeover is right for you, be sure to choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. All of your confidence in your new mommy makeover should be placed in the hands of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the business.

Most importantly, be prepared to enjoy an increase in your self-confidence with the new physique you’ll adore as a result of your Mommy Makeover experience! Because of everything that you’ve gone through, from your pregnancy to giving birth, maybe nursing, and devoting your whole life to your children, you deserve to do something special for yourself – whether it’s something little or something huge like a mommy makeover surgery.

For ladies in the New Jersey region, Gartner Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive selection of cosmetic procedures ranging from surgical procedures to injectables. Mommy makeovers are some of our most popular treatments to do, and we can’t wait to share more information with you about them.


Along with waiting six months after giving birth, you must ensure that you complete all of the following requirements before having a mommy makeover performed:

  • You must be in excellent general health in order to participate. Because mommy makeovers often include more than one invasive surgical operation, it is critical that you be in excellent health prior to undergoing one. You will need to stop smoking at least three weeks before surgery and get a clean bill of health from your doctor before proceeding with the procedure. Even common diseases that might emerge after pregnancy, such as type two diabetes, can make surgery dangerous, therefore it is critical to manage any existing problems you may be suffering from. In the same way, you should consult with your doctor about whether any drugs you are taking may interfere with your ability to undergo surgery.
  • You’ll need to maintain a healthy body weight. As previously stated, a mommy makeover is not intended to be a “weight loss” surgery. You will need to lose the majority of your baby weight before you can schedule a consultation for your mommy makeover, despite the fact that some fat will be removed during the procedure. This is required for the most effective skin resection. Before having surgery, we suggest that you be no more than 25 pounds above your target weight.
  • You’ll need to plan your finances properly. Because a mommy makeover involves a number of different treatments, it is more expensive than many other types of cosmetic surgery procedures. A mommy makeover may cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 on average, depending on the extent of the work. It should be noted, however, that many cosmetic surgeons provide financing options to assist their patients in meeting this expenditure.
  • Ideally, you should have reached the end of your childbearing years. While this point isn’t absolutely essential, it’s a good idea to hold off on getting a full mommy makeover until after you’ve finished having children. Due to the fact that each successive pregnancy (after your mommy makeover) would stretch the skin of your abdomen and breasts again (as well as possibly ripping your abdominal muscles), the outcomes of your treatments will be effectively undone. Added revision operations are certainly an option, but they come at a more cost and cause additional hardship as you will need to go through recovery multiple times. Revision operations also have a greater risk of scarring and other consequences than first surgery.


You may be interested in learning more about mommy makeovers in New Jersey. Make an appointment with Dr. Gartner and his team, the leading specialists in plastic surgery, by calling Gartner Plastic Surgery or contacting us online.

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Gartner will inspect your problem areas and advise you on which procedure may be the most appropriate for you. He will also set clear expectations for you about your obligations before and after surgery and ultimately help make your dream results come to life!

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