Why Exercise and Liposuction Go Hand in Hand

There is an unfortunate misconception surrounding liposuction that it is a miracle device. It allows you to skip over the whole exercise regimen and go straight to losing all of your unwanted fat in a day. The fact is that this is simply not the case. Our Liposuction NJ procedure (AKA liposculpture or lipoplasty) is a wonderful means of removing unwanted fat. However, it is really meant to erase the stubborn fat areas that won’t leave with continued exercise. It might sound cliché, but diet and exercise is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Diet/Exercise both enhance the effects of a proper liposuction procedure, as is with most other fat removal procedures. Here are a few ways that diet and exercise are not just beneficial to your liposuction results, but are in fact necessary for them.


In order to be considered eligible for the liposuction NJ procedure, one has to generally be in a healthy physical state. If you speak with Dr. Gartner, he will be able to tell you your eligibility requirements for undergoing liposuction. As mentioned earlier, Liposuction targets the fat deposits that exercise cannot reach. That is why it is important to try a healthy diet and exercise plan, to see if your unwanted fat can be removed through that first. If you do and there are still some areas of your body where fat remains, then it might be time to get the liposuction NJ procedure.


Once liposuction is complete, you will receive guidance on how to move through recovery. Patients are usually able to go back to exercising the first week after liposuction. It is recommended to continue a reasonable diet/exercise regimen in order to maintain your new physique. Just because you lose a lot of weight doesn’t mean that you can’t gain it back. But the beauty of liposuction is that it does what exercise cannot do. It removes the fat that is too stubborn to go away with just diet and exercise. And the importance of diet and exercise is how it is a natural and healthy means of removing the larger amount of fat that liposuction cannot do on its own. This just goes to show how a healthy lifestyle harmoniously benefits a cosmetic surgery.

To see if you are eligible for liposuction, or if you have any other questions, be sure to contact Dr. Gartner here. He will be able to talk to you about the best possible way to get the body sculpt you have been looking for.

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