Which Celebrity Noses Get Requested Most When Getting a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty?

While most celebrities may never admit to having their nose altered, a quick before and after picture comparison will usually let the cat out of the bag. One simple google search of ‘blake lively nose job’ and you will see all the blogs and people gossiping about the possibility of a plastic surgery. A before and after of Blake Lively’s nose and you will see that there was a nose job that took place.

Her transformation and subtle transformations like hers are the types we get requested the most. An ideal nose job is going to want to correct any imperfections or deformities without inducing too much of a physical change. The ideal nose job is one that no one knows actually happened. The nose is an important part of one’s facial structure and needs to be tailored to each individual’s face. As an expert in the world of nose jobs in NYC, we have a lot of people coming into the office requesting a nose job mirroring their favorite celebrity.


Many celebrities have been rumored to have had a nose job or the surgical term rhinoplasty. The celebrities rumored are Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. One simple search of “Kim Kardashian Plastic surgery”  and the change in her nose over the years is obvious although she will not admit to having rhinoplasty. It is clear that her bridge has been narrowed and the tip has been significantly refined. Jennifer Aniston admits to having a nose job that helped to define the tip of her nose, remove the bump and also fix her deviated septum. Natalie Portman’s nose, which is also rumored to have been tailored, is one of the most requested by those considering rhinoplasty. Women are not the only ones with popular celebrity noses. Patrick Dempsey and Tom Cruise also had work done on their noses to better fit their facial features.


What people find so appealing about these celebrity noses is their natural look and their proportion to the rest of their face. Common requests we get for nose jobs in our NJ and NYC and LGBTQ rehab offices is to decrease the size of nasal bumps, refine nasal tips or narrow bridges. These requests seem to be inspired more and more by celebrities. More often than not people come to our office with a picture of a celebrity nose they hope to obtain. It is important to remember that your nose is specific to your face and rhinoplasty needs to be customized to your own needs.

The main goal of rhinoplasty is to create symmetry amongst your own facial features so that no one facial feature is more prominent than another, a point we touch up upon more on 5 Things to Know Before Getting a Nose Job. The best celebrity nose jobs are the ones that are not obvious but that make the overall face more aesthetically pleasing. Plastic surgeons can help restore self-esteem by bringing balance to the face while still maintaining a natural look that won’t drastically change your face.


At Gartner Plastic Surgery we are no stranger to quality work. As a surgeon to the stars, and one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in Manhattan and the tri-state you’ll be sure to be in good hands.

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