Top 5 Things to know before getting an Eyelift

The eyes are one of the most active parts of your face. As a result, your eyelids can get easily worn out as the years go by. However, you don’t need to get used to a consistently saggy and tired look. An Eyelift (also known as blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift) can readjust your whole appearance by reforming your lower and upper eyelids to be less saggy and decrease fat bulges. Although this is a wonderful procedure, it shouldn’t be taken without prior knowledge of what to expect. Here are Five things to know before getting an Eyelift procedure.


The Eyelift surgery is custom fitted to your specific condition. Dr. Gartner will determine the proper amount of fat and skin that needs removal. From there on we will ultimately remove any bags or drooping of the eyelids above or below the eyes. Think of it as a Tummy Tuck procedure, but for your eyes instead. You will be under local anesthesia, which leaves you awake but numb enough to not feel anything during the procedure.


Once this procedure is finished, you will appear more awake, alert and youthful. Your skin will have less wrinkles, drooping, and excess fat in the eyelid area. This not only helps your appearance but can also improve your sight if the saggy skin was previously obstructing your vision. Less drooping will also allow for your eyes to have the proper of amount of light going into them since the eyelids will now be in their healthiest positioning.


Before going in, Dr. Gartner will consult you on your specific needs. No surgery comes pre-tailored, so you will have the chance to sit down and discuss how much to leave in and how much to take away. Be sure to plan ahead your work and life schedule in order to allow time to rest and recover. You will definitely need to make preparations to be driven home after the surgery, since you will likely not be in the right condition to drive. You will have to avoid certain medications two weeks prior to surgery. These medications include the following elements: Vitamin E, Aspirin, St. John’s Wort, Ibuprofen, and ginseng. You cannot eat or drink anything eight hours prior to the procedure. You also cannot have any make up on before going into surgery.


After your eye-lift surgery is complete, there will be a few side effects, but they will dissipate within a few weeks. The conditions are not too taxing; the only real discomforts you may experience are bruising and swelling. Tightness and dryness in the eyes might be briefly apparent as well.


An Eyelift is extremely beneficial for both your focus and appearance. However, if other portions of your face are sagging and require a make-over, the eyelift surgery can accompany other those procedures as well. These include brow lifts and dermal filler injections. All together these help reduce bags and sagging around the eyes and forehead that the eyesight cannot reach. Be sure to ask Dr. Gartner if you are ready for this, or if you’ll be better off with a single procedure.

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