Top 5 Plastic Surgeries for both Men and Women

There is this misconception that plastic surgery is mostly an opportunity for females. Although the procedures are currently more popular among women, it is not a gender exclusive opportunity. Whether you are interested in rhinoplasty or liposuction, there are plenty of plastic surgery procedures that are available for males, just as much as females. With rising trends pointing out that men are warming up more to the idea of plastic surgery, it is time to highlight some of the procedures that are always open to males and females.


A rhinoplasty (AKA nose-job) focuses on reshaping the size and look of your nose. Since just about everyone has a nose, this is of course not a gender exclusive opportunity. The only variation is how the nose appears in relation to the patient’s anatomy. Anatomy of course differs not only between males and females, but also between different proportions of each patient regardless of gender.


Liposuction (AKA Liposculpture) is a treatment where we reduce the targeted fat areas of your body. Dr. Gartner performs this procedure through the use of Smartlipo. This is a laser-assisted device that melts away the fat deposits before sucking them out of the body.


Breast reduction is a very useful procedure for both men and women. It can not only help with your desired appearance, but it can also help improve balance in your body. The male breast reduction surgery is usually less severe than the female procedure.


These injectable treatments are used to smooth away the wrinkles around patients’ faces (particularly around the eyes, forehead, and brows). This not only makes the patient look younger, but it also allows helps control excessive sweating.


Similar to Botox/Dysport, the non-surgical skin tightening treatment rejuvenates your facial appearance by reducing skin sagging and making you appear more youthful.
The beauty of plastic surgery is that it helps adjust peoples’ appearance to their desired aesthetic. And that opportunity is open to all people who are healthy enough to undergo aesthetic procedures. For more information on our Rhinoplasty, Botox, or other cosmetic opportunities, be sure to contact Dr. Gartner today.


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