Top 5 Manhattan Plastic Surgery Trends to Expect in 2017

With the New Year already in full swing, there are many people already working on their new look for 2017. With Manhattan being a very large hub of cosmetic fashion in the country, there are plenty of trends expected to be popping up. Some are continuous from 2016, while others are totally different. Either way, 2017 seems to be a bold new venture for Manhattan plastic surgery procedures.


A trend that seems to be moving forward is smaller breasts. The glamor of the voluptuous breasts seems to be wearing off in patients’ taste. Smaller, perky breasts are in vogue lately, especially for Manhattan plastic surgery procedures. Any breast augmentation has shown to either make one’s breasts smaller or just big enough to where they are not overly profound.


As opposed to the breast reduction trend, women seem to be enjoying a larger backside. A popular mode of butt enhancement is fat transfer, which is enacted through the Brazillian Butt Lift. This is a healthier, more natural makeover since it transfers your natural fat from unwanted parts of the body to your buttocks. This helps build your hourglass figure using more than just your backside.


Big butts are still in fashion, and with larger butts come a more streamlined look. As mentioned earlier with the hourglass look, many women desire a smoother contour for the rest of their body. Whether it is through liposuction, cellulite removal, or just fat transfer, the trends seem to be leaning less to the voluptuous, to a more relaxed body type.


With age taking away the natural fullness of one’s face, cheek enhancements have been a powerful tool for rejuvenation. These include cheek implants and non-surgical facial fillers. Both of these facial procedures are done to grant the patient with a fuller, more aesthetically pleasing facial contour. They absolutely should be expected to rise in popularity for Manhattan plastic surgery.


While we are on the topic of facial makeovers, the facelift is another cosmetic procedure that is all the rage. For adults that are beginning to notice too much sagging and jowls in their face, the facelift procedure has been shown to offer a rejuvenated, younger look.

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