Top 4 Manhattan Plastic Surgery Trends of 2016

Looking back on the previous year, there were many trends in plastic surgery that kept popping up in Manhattan. Some of these trends might have been popular for a little bit, while others will last well beyond into the New Year. Either way, it is important to highlight the popularity of surgical techniques because it allows future clients to see what has been rejuvenating other peoples’ lives the most. It also provides an opportunity for everyone to think about his or her preferred procedure as well. With New York City Video Production on the rise as well, the rise of plastic surgery videos on snapchat and youtube are increasing! Here is a list of the top 4 Manhattan Plastic Surgery trends of 2016.

Chin Augmentation

One popular trend in recent months was chin enhancements. Whether it is a consciousness of one’s profile, neckline, or just the general shape of the chin, a chin augmentation can make a huge difference for how your face ultimately appears. People certainly seem to be going to Manhattan plastic surgery with this request.

Buttock Enhancement

People like big butts, and they cannot lie. An uptick in butt lifts and thigh augmentation shows that profound proportions are much more popular than large breasts. Whether this is for balance, confidence, or just general aesthetic taste, butt augmentations seem to be appealing no matter what in the field of Manhattan plastic surgery.

Smaller Breasts

As mentioned earlier, as the people prefer larger butts, they seem to desire smaller breasts. This is likely for many reasons. Large breasts, whether natural or augmented, might have provided back pain issues for women. They could also be a little too profound than they’d prefer, feeling as if most people look to their chest first before looking at their eyes. While no one should ever change their appearance because of the approval of others, if they feel it is physically more comfortable to reduce their breasts for themselves, then there is nothing wrong with that. All that is left to decide is whether or not they would like smaller implants or just a general reduction.


A continuously popular mode of surgery, Botox is mainly needed for treating skin lines and wrinkles on the face. With a rise in facial enhancements in adults over 35, Botox provides many with a rejuvenating makeover that brings their appearance back to how they looked 10 years ago.

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