Top 10 celebrities with the best plastic surgery

Plastic surgery doesn’t always seem like a fun idea. With all of the ruined faces we see among celebrities, it can be pretty scary to go for a surgical make-over. However, what needs to be addressed is that those celebrity malfunctions are mostly due to overuse and abuse of the surgery. Here at Gartner Plastic Surgery, we put the patient’s needs and concerns as our highest priority. Beauty is our expertise and there is nothing to be afraid of when looking for a new look. In case you’re a bit unsure of going for a cosmetic procedure, here are ten celebrity plastic surgeries that went so well, you’ll forget that they looked any different in the first place.


At first you’d think, huh? Then you take a look at young Diane, and then you realize the difference. Diane’s breast enhancement is a perfect example of surgery that looks so natural, that you forget she didn’t always look like that.


From Scary Movie to CBS’ Mom, Anna still looks like she is in her mid 20’s, when in fact she is 39. Anna’s look has definitely changed since those early films, when she underwent surgery for lip injections, and breast augmentation.


Guys, this is Kelly Rowland! Come on yall. If she doesn’t give me confidence then I don’t know who will. With hit after hit, her image has grown to be a symbol of empowerment and beauty. But even still, her simple breast enhancements make her feel even more empowered. She didn’t have to get it, but with wise counseling from her family, she did and it totally paid off.


Julia is currently 48 and still looks 38. Like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia’s image is set in the 90’s days of Pretty Woman. Her surgery involved botox, rhinoplasty, and a very successful facelift.


Patrick looks like he ages extremely slowly, since he appears right at 40, the sweet spot between distinguished maturity and youth. I swear he probably found the fountain of youth. His nose job and botox injections have worked wonders for him since Grey’s Anatomy.


Ashlee never officially confirmed which kind of procedure she took; she has made it pretty clear that she underwent a nose job. And my what a good job it was! The singer and TV personality underwent a cosmetic procedure to straighten out her nose and reduce the curviness of her original nose. She already looked adorable before, but now she is downright stunning!


Jillian is the popular face of determined fitness. The instructors and TV host is known for enhancing one’s natural body. But she is comfortable admitting that she had gotten a nose job when she was a teenager. Formerly bullied for her nose, she has since made it clear that although you shouldn’t let your physicality define you, there is nothing wrong with making a few changes to feel more confident.


That’s right. The ROCK! Dwayne Johnson, the symbol of strength, has undergone a procedure in the past. As impeding as the guy is, he once felt that his pecks were a bit too imposing. He underwent a breast reduction, and guess what? The Rock is still the Rock, looking better than ever.


Enrique’s procedure is a perfect example of less is more. Surgery can be as simple as a mole removal, such as Enrique’s. The singe rand actor became well known for his mole, but take a look at him now. It is as if it was never there. Cosmetic surgery can be for more than just tummy tucks or facelifts. A simple blemish job may be all you need.


I find it impossible for someone not to love Jennifer. She carries herself with mature confidence but still looks 32. Jennifer is 47. Are you kidding me? Her immensely successful procedure involved fillers Botox. The reason her make-over is the best is because it uses one of the most well known surgeries (Botox) and yet you can’t even tell the difference. You’d assume she just aged naturally. She is also rumored to have had a nose job.

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