The Ideal Implant: Safer Alternative

For the last decade, people have been cautious as to whether or not they should get breast implants. This is because of the controversy over instances of silicone implants spilling chemicals if they rupture. Of course, there was also the choice of using saline implants, which are much safer since they only contain a salt-water. However, few wanted saline because it didn’t feel as natural as silicone. Well, finally we have a better alternative. Meeting in the middle between the safety of saline and the flexibility of silicone, take a look at the Ideal Implant!

Developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Robert S. Hamas, the Ideal Implant is a saline-filled implant that features layers of chambers that create a naturally flexible feel, without the chemicals of Silicone. Saline is FDA approved for both its proper state AND if it ruptures.

Dr. Hamas has been working on the Ideal Implant since 1992, around the time when the controversy of silicone started. He discovered that if he could figure out a way to make saline as natural feeling as silicone, it could work as a safer alternative. If the Ideal Implant were to rupture, you would not have to go in for a check up to know it. If a woman had gotten silicone, they would have to check in for an MRI every year to see if it was intact. But with Saline, you could easily tell for yourself if it had ruptured or not by looking in the mirror. When the saline implant ruptures, your body absorbs the saline and your breast gets smaller. And there is no health risk if it absorbs the saline, since it is just salt and water.

Dr. Hamas is now proud to offer the Ideal Implant to fellow plastic surgeons such as Dr. Gartner. Now at Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, you can get the Ideal Implant as a suitable alternative for your breast augmentation. With a safer and more fulfilling implant, be sure to check out the Ideal Implant. For further information please be sure to contact Dr. Gartner. For other breast augmentation services, be sure to check out our list of body treatments.

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