Surgeries to assist your Sight

Cosmetic surgery is often viewed as mainly being for beauty or aesthetic reasons. However, what often go overlooked are the practical living benefits of cosmetic surgery. Although none of these cosmetic surgeries can fix eyeball failings, they can help reduce anything around the eyes that might be blocking your field of sight (i.e. skin sagginess). Our New York/New Jersey Eyelift and Browlift surgery not only can restore your field of vision but also your aesthetic appearance. We at Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center would like to highlight the details of these beneficial treatments.


Sagging skin on the forehead can cause your eyebrows and eyelids to be pushed down. This therefore limits your field of sight. With a Browlift, you will be able to get your ideal field of vision back, while also a more youthful feel and appearance. When someone has sagging skin on their face, they not only look tired but feel tired as a result of constantly see a tired look in the mirror. This psychological benefit can give you a renewed sense of energy for your daily life. The incisions are made along the hairline, making the post-recovery scars nearly invisible.


Similar to the Brow-lift, our NewYork/New Jersey Eyelift (AKA Eyelid-lift or Blepharoplasty) is a procedure that enhances your field of vision by reducing sagging skin around the eyes. As the name implies, this surgery focuses on both the lower and upper eyelids. It is used to reduce any fat, drooping, excess skin, and bags below or above the eyes. With these distracting features gone, you will finally have a better field of vision. This surgery also provides a rejuvenated feeling of youth to your appearance. It is performed with local anesthesia. The scars are made within the natural creases of the eyelids. Therefore, these scars are practically invisible after recovery is finished.

We know that these procedures offer many aesthetic benefits. However, what should never be ignored is the possibilities of having this surgery for your healthier living style. Whether or not you choose the New York/New Jersey Eyelift and/or Eyelid surgery, your eyes will have an enhanced field of vision to look forward to. For more information on other facial procedures, be sure to check out our treatments page. For any external information that you require, please be sure to contact Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. We are here for all of your cosmetic needs.

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