Psychological benefits of Breast Implants

When our patients come in for our breast implants in NJ or NY, most women get excited about the aesthetic beauty benefits. Although this is the primary purpose of the surgery, there are also other benefits that can come out of your breast augmentation procedure. One of these was talked about earlier in our article on breast implants enhancing your sexual fulfillment. This article will discuss how breast implants actually can have a positive effect on your brain. Take a look below to see just how having more fulfilling breast sizes can bring on a more positive mental rejuvenation.


Many women, young and older might be unsatisfied with their current body image. Some feel genuinely uncomfortable when they put on a bathing suit or look in the mirror because they know that there are some things about their body that is physically and aesthetically uncomfortable. While no one should feel ashamed of who they are for their image, there is nothing wrong with desiring a different shape for your body. For instance, some women might be born with asymmetrical breast sizes. Others might have had ideal breasts, but they lost their perky form after one or multiple childbirths. Some might be born with breasts they feel are too small or too big. All of these are legitimate reasons for desiring breast augmentation.


Many women with these issues that undergo successful breast augmentation have reported carrying higher self-esteem and positivity in their daily life. Many women walk prouder and wear different clothes because they are less conscious of their body image post-procedure. This is because they feel proud to have a breast size that is in line with their personal taste. This improved outlook subconsciously trickles down to affect one’s daily life.


However, it is important to point out that, although breast implants might help increase confidence and body image, it is not a miracle solution for deep life issues such as depression or relationship troubles. Breast implants, like all other cosmetic procedures, must be taken with for the right reasons. It must be understood that this is merely a bodily make-over to be done with a healthy mindset. If you are looking to receive our services for breast implants in NJ or NY, be sure to contact Dr. Gartner to discuss whether or not your goals meet the results’ expectations.


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