Post-Op Care After Your Breast Reduction Procedure

Though choosing a top New York plastic surgeon for your breast reduction is key, the care taken to recover well after your breast reduction procedure will be just as important as the surgery itself. It is extremely important that you follow the recovery instructions given to you, so you can be as comfortable as possible and heal quickly.


As a sought-after and meticulous New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Gartner provides all of his patients with a list of comprehensive instructions, which are designed to reduce discomfort, risk factors for infection and scarring, while ensuring patients can get back to their daily activities as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Dr. Gartner’s breast surgery patients find that the pain they experience post-operatively is greatly minimized due to long-acting anaesthetic he administers to tissues which help people skip right over what would have been the most uncomfortable hours.


While relaxing after the procedure, cool compresses may be used to help reduce swelling for brief periods, however, it is important to remember that ice should not be applied directly to the skin.

Ensuring that the head is slightly elevated during sleep can help reduce swelling and discomfort during the first 1-2 weeks. A back or side-lying position with pillow support for the arms will help to reduce direct pressure on the breasts.

Any form of strenuous exercise must be avoided for at least a couple of weeks following the procedure, and it is best to avoid lifting any objects heavier than around 3kg.

Patients are also advised to avoid bending completely over or raising the arms up over the head, as this can cause unnecessary, additional tension and discomfort on incision areas.


Luckily, there are no dietary restrictions following the surgery and patients can resume their normal meals as soon as they like. We recommend drinking plenty of water to flush out the effects of medications and prevent constipation.

The prescribed medications including pain relievers and antibiotics should be taken as scheduled to allow for a comfortable recovery and reduce infection risk.

As one of the leading New Jersey and New York plastic surgeons, Dr. Gartner has refined the post-op breast reduction process to provide the most optimal conditions for each patient. Advanced operating techniques even allow for clients to choose local anaesthetic and “awake” procedures, avoiding concerns for general anaesthetic while remaining completely comfortable.

Dr. Gartner’s Manhattan and Paramus New Jersey plastic surgery centers use dissolvable sutures, therefore post-operative appointments will be scheduled according to comfort and recovery stages, without the need for suture removal or wound care.

As a double board-certified and renowned New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Gartner has perfected advanced and comprehensive surgical techniques. From start to finish, your body, your health and your recovery is in good hands. Contact one of our conveniently located plastic surgery centers today to begin your transformation journey.

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