Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

Cosmetic surgery is a wonderful blessing of modern science. It can provide wonderful makeovers for aesthetic appearance, or body repairs for accidents and birth defects. However, sometimes it feels like one procedure is not enough. One might not turn out the way you want, or one might turn out good but you feel like you want another. There are many reasons for multiple plastic surgeries, but when should we say enough? How much is too many and how much is reasonable?


As mentioned earlier, cosmetic surgery has been incredibly beneficial for modern science. But too much of a good thing can become an abused thing. It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery is a very delicate art, and it can be easily abused with too many procedures. Now, if you did go for a form of surgery and are not happy with the final result, then it is okay to give it one more go. Just be sure to consult with Doctor Gartner on if it is both wise and healthy enough to undertake such a procedure again. Everyone’s body is unique to themselves, and some can handle multiple tries at a nose job while others can not.


On the flip side, a patient will come out loving their new nose job. It came out just the way they wanted, but now they realize that their breasts are a little too big. With plastic surgery proven to be such a miracle worker, it is tempting to go back for another job. Once again, it is okay to go for more than one procedure. Some procedures are even recommended to accompany others, such as liposuction accompanying a Tummy Tuck. But it is very easy to fall into a trap of constant reworking.

It is important to remember that the body works as a unit. If one part is affected by something, it can carry on to the other. For example, two different plastic surgeries that both manipulate body fat can potentially do some damage to the body’s fat percentage.


Dr. Gartner understands how delicate a person’s body is. He works to adjust and rework their body with respect to their body’s natural process. The one thing that all experienced plastic surgeons have in common is that they recommend for the client to be as realistic with their results as possible.

It may not be our responsibility to know when science says enough is enough, but it is our responsibility to look in the mirror and know when enough is enough. Many of us go in for multiple plastic surgeries because we are unsatisfied with who we are. But no surgery can satisfy us unless we are already satisfied in ourselves. Plastic surgery is an augmentation on your own natural beauty; it does not create our natural beauty. With that as a framework, one can easily go in for multiple surgeries, because they know what they would like to have, not what they need to have.

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