How visible are my Surgical Scars?

We often go to cosmetic surgery for the purpose of making our bodies look more aesthetically appealing within our own tastes. Naturally, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Gartner wants every patient to be happy when they look at themselves in the mirror. However, although we might be pleased to see a flatter stomach or better contour of our legs, we might not be so happy with the sight of surgical scars left over from the surgery. With so many people worrying about surgical s cars when considering plastic surgery, here are a few things to know in order to help answer questions you might be having towards the noticeable sign of surgery on your body.


It is unfortunately a simple fact of biology that one cannot create an incision on the skin without leaving some kind of scar. The question then becomes, how do I reduce the visibility of my scars? This is ultimately determined between you and your plastic surgeon (in this case, Dr. Gartner, New Jersey plastic surgeon). Depending on the available options for the surgery, you will be able to talk with Dr. Gartner over which kind of procedure will fit best for your cosmetic goals, while also hiding the scars in the best way.


That brings us to the next subject: dealing with the scars. If the scars are inevitable, how exactly are handled? First off, thanks to advancements in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Gartner provides the best possible modes of incisions to make your scars as little noticed as possible. Part of those techniques is hiding the scars within certain areas of the body. Take for instance the Breast augmentation with implants procedure. This process involves making incisions that are small in size within the belly button. There is no way that this incision will be visible after recovery from the procedure. There are plenty of other invasive surgeries, but the scars are not something to worry about since Dr. Gartner will be able to let you know about all of what to expect with your body’s invasive procedure.

For more information on our invasive surgeries, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Gartner is here.

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