How to Reduce Your Cellulite Without Surgery

There are many invasive surgeries that offer wonderful rejuvenation possibilities. Butt Lifts and Tummy Tucks all can make someone look younger and more in line with their ideal health. However, one overlooked fat area can be altered through less-invasive means. Non-surgical cellulite reduction is a treatment that can better smooth out your body contour by melting away the fat that builds up around the thighs and buttocks. Here are a few ways that our NJ plastic surgeon, Dr. Gartner can reduce your body’s cellulite amount without any invasive surgery.

The Exilis Procedure

We at Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center utilize the Exilis for our cellulite reduction procedure. The Exilis is a top of the line device that is capable of melting away fat without any incisions necessary. The Exilis works by sending radio frequency signals to the fat deposits on your thighs and buttocks. It heats up the deposits, causing them to melt away. This procedure can be done through multiple sessions in order to give you both a firm and smoother contour to your bottom area. Due to the advancements in the machine, more areas can be targeted and melted within one session.

Less Saggy Skin

Although we want less fat on our bodies, we don’t want our skin to be left hanging as well. Aside from melting the fat deposits, the Exilis also arranges the collagen fibers in your skin. This process allows for your skin to be firmer now that there is less fat to hold underneath.

The Right Surgeon

The Exilis is a remarkable device for non-surgical cellulite reduction. However, it is merely an empty tool without the proper plastic surgeon behind it. Dr. Gartner is an experienced NJ plastic surgeon who understands just how fragile and particular one has to be when making adjustments to a patient’s body. If you choose to speak with Dr. Gartner about the procedure, he will show you just how safe and fulfilling this procedure can really be.

NJ Plastic Surgeon Resources

See examples of past cellulite removal procedures. Aside from cellulite on your thighs and buttocks, we also offer non-surgical fat removal for other areas of your body. These also utilize the Exilis heating device. If you have any further questions or wish to see about undergoing Cellulite removal yourself, be sure to contact Dr. Gartner.

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