Fat Isn’t That Bad: Cosmetic Surgery Procedures That Use Your Own Body Fat

Fat is often considered the enemy of a well-sculpted physique. This is the case when it comes to bulging fat deposits. However, there are plenty of other areas on our bodies that tend to shrink or thin out due to age or natural growth. When we want our bodies to be more voluptuous, we often look to dieting and exercise to get a more defined hourglass figure. And yet, calories and squats cannot always do the job. That is why Dr. Gartner offers fat transfer techniques in procedures such as the Breast Augmentation NJ. If you are looking to add more to your face and body, perhaps these fat-based procedures can give you the look and feel you’ve been dreaming of.


It is no secret that procedures such as the breast augmentation NJ are meant to make your chest look bigger. Most consider only using implants (i.e. the Ideal Implant), but what about Fat transfer? Our Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation NJ procedure simply takes out the fat from other parts of our body and uses it to sculpt out your breasts. This is hitting two birds with one stone since you could be slimmer in the part of your body that is too full, and fuller in the part that is too thin.


When your face is not as balanced or full as you would like it to be, then perhaps dermal fillers can give you the shape you have been looking for. There are several choices of filler product, but there is also the option to transfer fat from another part of your body to your face. Much like the Breast Augmentation NJ procedure, Fat-based Dermal Fillers work by removing unwanted areas of fat on your body and moving it to your face. You will have to talk to Dr. Gartner to see if you are eligible for this type of filler procedure.


If you are looking for a fuller bottom with smoother hips, then the Brazilian Butt Lift is what you need. The fat can be pulled from either your stomach, waist, back, or thighs in order to be moved to your buttocks. Much like the other procedures, the Butt Lift not only adds fullness to your buttocks but also reshapes your buttocks for a healthier and more appealing form.

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