Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Small Details, Big Difference

How often do you think about your face? Aside from the rest of the body, most people are highly conscious of their facial features. Your face is often the first impression made when meeting people. Moles, wrinkles, and/or bulges can be small, yet persistently annoying concerns for our aesthetic appearance. It is far easier to just get rid of the blemishes with cosmetic surgery, rather than having to put up with them recurringly. Here at Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, there are multiple facial plastic surgery procedures that can enhance your face by reducing problems and helping positive features.

Eyelid Lift

If your face is the start of first impressions, then the eyes are what people first notice. Aside from hindering your vision, droopy, sagging eyelids can make you look tired and older. With a good Eyelid lift, you will see a whole new realm of aesthetic possibilities.

Face Lift

Aside from sagginess in the eyes, tissues can sag all over the face. This is solved with a face-lift procedure, which not only eliminates wrinkles and sagging but also enhances your jaw-line by removing jowls.

Brow Lift

Similar to the Eyelid lift, the Brow-lift adds a lot to how you appear emotionally. Sagging skin on your forehead and eyebrows can make you look angry and exhausted. To avoid this feeling, our brow-lift cosmetic surgery will be able to rejuvenate your head like nothing else.

Cheek Implants

This type of facial plastic surgery gives more than it takes away. Over time cheeks can grow a little sunken and undefined. Cheek augmentation through implants will bring the much-needed balance, fullness, and contour that you are looking for.

Chin Implants

Every part of your face needs to be balanced in order to have a better profile. If the chin is too small, or too large, then it sets off the whole look. The implants can adjust your chin’s width, height, and projection. Your neckline will be more aesthetically pleasing, as well as the balance between your chin and nose. There are also other cosmetic surgery options available for your chin, such as injectable fillers and liposuction.

Mole and Lipoma Removal

Some moles or blemishes can be aesthetically pleasing when they are small (i.e. Marylin Monroe). However, when they grow to be too distracting for you personally, then it is time to get them removed. Our Mole and Lipoma removal procedure can remove these blemishes anywhere on your face and body, therefore enhancing your aesthetic appearance and general health.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Often times it is our ears that can the most embarrassing part of our appearance. However, they don’t need to be. If your ears are too small, large, or asymmetrical, Dr. Gartner will be able to adjust them accordingly.

For information on receiving your own facial plastic surgery, please be sure to contact Dr. Gartner. He will be happy to hear from you on what your cosmetic goals are, and how he can bring those goals to life.

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