Can Getting Plastic Surgery Raise Your Income?

Time and time again has shown that the more attractive you are, the more money you’re going to make.  You don’t have to be a model to make money from your looks, and no matter what job you have or what you job you want, a healthy pay raise can come from your new and improved look.

Tipped Positions

If you’re in any type of work where your pay is dependent on the customer, the better you look the more money you’ll make.  Whether you’re a waitress, a cashier, or even a bell-hop, a youthful and vibrant disposition is imperative for making more income.  Don’t let drooping eye lids or sagging skin cut your pay check!  Think about your plastic surgery as not only a luxury for you, but an investment in your career.  Studies show that customers not only tip more attractive employees more handsomely, but more attractive people will be hired at the offset for the revenue that their employer anticipates they will bring in.

Executive Positions

Maybe you’ve been stuck in the same job for a while and are looking for a promotion, or maybe you’ve just seen a high-power position advertised in the classifieds, but either way: the better you look, the better shot you have at getting that gig.  It’s well known that a disproportionate number of people with high paying jobs have a height advantage over their more middle-class colleagues, but facial symmetry and attractiveness are other qualities observed in those that seem to clear out the bank.  Bosses are more likely to promote employees who show initiatives in self-improvement, and what is more indicative or taking your future into your own hands than getting the body that you’ve always wanted.

No matter your field of work, time and time again it has been shown that people who are attractive are also viewed as more trustworthy, smarter, and more generally capable.  Investing in your new body means investing in your future, and spending money on surgery now could be the best personal and business decision you’ve ever made.

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