Better Face, Bigger Emotion

We often go for cosmetic surgery just to look more aesthetically appealing. A smoother stomach, firmer breasts, and bigger buttocks are all great cosmetic goals. However, as time goes by, we all know that our faces tend to sag due to age and worn. This might be concerning for cosmetic reasons, but also for communication as well. Our face is the center for emotion, therefore sagging skin around our eyes and mouth can give off a perception of our emotions that is just generally untrue. You might seem tired, or impatient when really it is just your eyelids dropping giving that impression. Why not have the chance to look in the mirror and see yourself as you really feel? With our Eyelift NJ, Brow lift NJ, or Facelift NJ procedure, you will appear younger and more alive in your facial expressions.


As we grow older, bags can grow around our eyelids, which make us appear worn out and not as jovial. An Eyelift (AKA Eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty) is a surgery in which we smooth away any wrinkles and remove excess fat and skin around the eyes. Our Eyelift NJ procedure is custom made for whatever blemishes you would like removed (i.e. excess fat and skin and where they are placed around the eyes).


Along with the Eyelift NJ procedure, the Brow lift (or Forehead lift) has one of the greatest effects on your emotional expression. A sagging forehead not only hinders your expressions but also your field of vision. Dr. Gartner customizes the Brow lift NJ procedure to fit your specific look, and the incisions are made along your hairline to safely hide the scars. Needless to say, no one will confuse you for looking permanently tired or angry ever again.


Dr. Gartner’s Facelift NJ procedure (AKA Rhytidectomy) reaches beyond your eyes to make your whole face look as young and alive as it used to. This is a great use since our faces can develop jowls and wrinkles that make us look sad, even when we are not. If you would like to look more alive, then Dr. Gartner’s Face Lift NJ can do just that. This tends to be a lasting facelift because it is supported by the facial tissues known as the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (or SMAS for short).

There are plenty of choices to rejuvenate your facial expressions. Whether or not you are looking for a specific fix or an overall reworking, Dr. Gartner will be able to consult you on the best procedure to choose from. For more information on our other facial procedures, be sure to check out our treatments page. If you would like to set up a meeting, you can contact Dr. Gartner for the best available time.

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