Best Procedures to Flatten your Stomach

The stomach is often the part of the body that we are the most conscious of. We often think, “Is it sticking out too much?” or “Is this shirt too tight on the hips?” Well for now on, you can worry less about those things with our fat-reduction procedures for the stomach area. If you meet with Dr. Gartner, he will be able to let you know which procedure is the best fit for you. Whether it ends up being the Tummy Tuck NJ, Liposuction NJ, or Non-Surgical Fat Reduction NJ, here is some information to keep in mind before going in to meet with Dr. Gartner about the procedures.


The abdominoplasty (or Tummy Tuck) is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from your abdomen in order to create both a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing look. It also tightens the abdominal wall muscles, which makes your stomach protrude less. The Tummy Tuck NJ surgery includes liposuction, abdominal muscle tightening, and excess skin/fat excisions. Not only will your stomach be flatter, but your love handles and excess skin will be gone as well.


Although our Tummy Tuck NJ procedure is effectively encompassing, there are far more specific procedures for those who just want certain fat areas taken care of. Liposculpture/Lipoplasty is a procedure that removes any fat that regular diet and exercise cannot get out. This just might be the answer to the love-handles that are too stubborn to go away. Dr. Gartner’s Liposuction NJ procedure uses the Smartlipo device for the best possible results. Smartlipo is a laser-assisted machine that safely melts the fat so that it becomes easier to suck out.


If you would like a less invasive procedure, then the Non-surgical Fat Reduction NJ might be the most appealing. It is similar to the liposuction in the sense of it being for pesky fat deposits that won’t go away with diet and exercise. However, it is less invasive lipo since it simply uses gentle heat to melt the fat until it is completely gone. We do this through the Exilis device. The Exilis targets the fat in your body uses focused radio-frequencies in order to melt the fat away into nothing. Like our other procedures, the Non-Surgical Fat Reduction is a completely safe and healthy means of getting rid of the fat that just won’t go away with diet and exercise. If you would like to see if you are eligible for any of these procedures, be sure to contact Dr. Gartner for more information.

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