An Overview Of Your Mommy Makeover Options

The mommy makeover is one of the most popular combinations of cosmetic surgery procedures used today. It was developed primarily to address typical difficulties that are experienced by women after they have gone through the processes of pregnancy and nursing. The surgical method has made its way into the mainstream media, since it has emerged as the operation of choice among the most prominent members of the Hollywood elite.

The catch-all term “mommy makeover” refers to a customized mix of body contouring treatments that are done together to address the physical alterations that remain long after pregnancy. These procedures are performed combined to improve the appearance of a woman’s body after pregnancy. The fact that there is no standard formula for a mother makeover means that each operation may be specifically adapted to meet the requirements of the particular patient. This is one reason why the mommy makeover has become so popular. On the other hand, the surgical technique often begins with a treatment that contours the breasts and the belly, and then adds other parts as required.

In this blog, we’re going to go over an overview of the mommy makeover process as well as your options in New Jersey.

The Elements That Comprise A Mommy Makeover

As the breasts and belly are the key places that change after pregnancy, a mommy makeover would often revolve around a surgery that is performed on either the breasts or the abdomen. In both pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman’s breasts will grow significantly, perhaps reaching an increase of one full cup size or even more. On the other hand, reverting to what is considered to be “normal” might result in a dramatic reduction in breast volume as well as obvious drooping.

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles, skin, and tissues all stretch to make room for the expanding baby in a manner that is both safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, following delivery, these layers may not return to their tight, pre-baby form even if they are stretched out.

Your mother makeover can include the following:

  • Enhancement of the Breasts
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast lifts
  • Reduction of the Breasts
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction

Breast implants may restore lost fullness and volume, while a breast lift can assist in raising drooping skin and improve the overall form of the breasts. Breast implants are also an option. The Keller Funnel is a touch-free approach that many surgeons use to limit the risk of infection and capsular contracture during breast augmentation procedures performed today. As a result, these procedures are safer and more successful than they have ever been. Breast reduction surgery may generate a smaller, more desirable look for women who have abnormally big breasts that cause discomfort.

The abdominoplasty also known as a tummy tuck, a circumferential abdominoplasty, and liposuction are also typical additional operations that may be used to further enhance the appearance of the physique. Nevertheless, ladies don’t have to stop here; a mommy makeover may also include a thigh lift, arm lift, or Brazilian butt lift if they so want. It is possible for a mommy makeover to be conducted in a single operation depending on the specific surgeon who will execute it and the suggested sequence of operations; but, for reasons of patient safety, the treatment may also be performed in numerous sessions of surgery.

Essential Things You Should Know About The Mommy Makeover

You May Need To Stay At The Clinic Or Return Home Right After The Procedure

Because the mommy makeover will be conducted as an outpatient procedure, you will be able to recuperate in the comfort of your own home. Your surgeon may suggest staying the night in a recovery suite in order to provide you with extra help during the first 24 hours after surgery.

Your Recovery Might Take Up To Two Weeks 

Although the length of time it takes to recover from your mommy makeover will vary depending on the individual procedures that were performed, you should prepare for it to take up to two weeks. During this time, you can expect to feel bloated, bruised, and in pain.

You Are Going To Want Assistance Around The Home

Because you will be sore and exhausted for many days following your mommy makeover, it will be hard for you to do your normal household duties; thus, you should ask a member of your family or a close friend for help around the home.

You Should Avoid Driving After Your Surgery

Your surgeon will write you a prescription for the essential pain medications to ensure a pleasant recovery; nevertheless, you should avoid driving while under the influence of these medications.

The Swelling May Last For A Period Of Six Months Or Even Longer 

It may take anywhere from six months to a year before the complete outcomes of a mommy makeover can be evaluated, despite the fact that some of the advantages of the procedure may be experienced very immediately.

There Is To Be No Lifting Of Any Kind, Even Newborns 

After having your mommy makeover, you should refrain from strenuous activity and heavy lifting for at least six weeks; this includes carrying newborns and toddlers who weigh more than 10 pounds.

A Mommy Makeover Is Intended For Women Who Do Not Smoke

Quit smoking at least four weeks before your mommy makeover, and continue to abstain from doing so for at least four weeks following your procedure. Smoking reduces circulation, which slows wound healing and dramatically increases the risk of major problems. Even better, make this one of the reasons you finally kick the habit once and for all.

You Will Still Need To Maintain Your Results

If you want the benefits of your mommy makeover to stay, you need to commit to leading a healthy lifestyle. This means maintaining a nutritious diet and sticking to a regular exercise program.

Choose Only A Plastic Surgeon Who Is Both Board-Certified And A Member Of The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons

Choose the finest and most experienced plastic surgeon you can find since the mommy makeover involves a mix of invasive methods. Never put your health and safety in jeopardy in an effort to reduce costs or save money.

Your mommy makeover will be life-changing, restoring confidence and pride in your looks. Get ready to experience a significant increase in self-esteem as a result of this transformation.

When Should You Think About Getting a Mommy Makeover

Since every patient is looking for different results, your reasons for wanting a mommy makeover could be different than others. The following are some factors that can influence your choice:

  • If the size and form of your breasts were adversely changed during your pregnancy, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery.
  • If you’re worried about your protruding stomach and stretch marks.
  • If the pockets of fat around your waist, belly, arms, or thighs do not improve despite your efforts to lose weight via food and exercise.

Are You Someone Who Might Benefit From Having A Mommy Makeover?

As we’ve previously noted, mommy makeovers are cosmetic procedures that aim to reverse the physical changes that come with having children and becoming older. Consider getting a mommy makeover if you’ve found that delivery has left you with any of the following characteristics:

  • Your breasts are sagging, unequal, and you have less breast volume.
  • Your nipples are drooping, and your areolas are strained.
  • After giving birth, your breasts have increased in size to such an extent that they no longer fit in proportion with the rest of your body, and they are now the source of your back discomfort.
  • Your waistline has gotten heavy and less distinct, and you have stretch marks and sagging skin on your abdominal region.
  • You went through with the C-section, and as a result, you have pockets of fat that are hanging over your surgical scar.
  • You have extra fat not just in the hips and thighs but also in the region known as the love handles.
  • You may see the beginnings of the aging process in your face and in the area around your eyes.
  • If you are in generally excellent health, have a positive attitude, and have reasonable expectations for the outcome of the treatment, you are probably a suitable candidate for it.

Your Mommy Makeover Choices In NJ

You have a number of choices available to you, the first of which is deciding which treatments to have done.

  • If you decide to have breast implants, you will have the option of choosing between silicone and saline implants, and there is also the possibility of getting fat grafting done. Your surgeon will make some suggestions to you based on the size and form that you would want to attain after the procedure.
  • If you decide to go through with having liposuction done, your cosmetic surgeon will talk to you about the many innovative technologies that are linked with it.
  • When you go in for any of the mommy makeover operations, the incision placement choices will also be discussed with you.

The mommy makeover is considered to be one of the procedures that is the most adaptable and unique to each patient since every woman is looking for different results. For this reason during your consultation you can advise Dr. Gartner of your concerns and he will create a plan tailored specifically to you.

Your Individualized Mommy Makeover Procedure In New Jersey

The mommy makeover is the perfect solution for returning a body that has just given birth to its form prior to pregnancy. Researching the mommy makeover technique on your own at home is the most effective method to get started with learning about it.

When you are ready to go on to the next phase, contact our Gartner Plastic Surgery clinic in New Jersey to book your unique consultation. We will set you up with an appointment to discuss your concerns and goals and set you up on the right path to get started!

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