Am I Eligible for Plastic Surgery?

One client might be eligible for a Tummy Tuck, while at the same time he or she might be non-eligible for a Nose-job. Generally your plastic surgery eligibility is based on two elements: your procedure of choice, and your personal health conditions. Although you can contact Dr. Gartner for any specific questions, you can save some time by seeing if you are eligible for some of our most popular surgeries described below.

Note: As for all cosmetic procedures, the candidate must have reasonable expectations and understanding of the risks, as well as a fair reason for the augmentation in the first place. For instance, we can’t give someone a nose job if there is no bump, droop, blemish, or anything else wrong with their nose.


The candidate should not be pregnant nor breastfeeding. It is recommended to get a Tummy Tuck after pregnancy rather than before. They need to currently be at a reasonable and healthy weight. If you smoke, you will need to quit at least four weeks prior to the plastic surgery procedure.


It is ideal for someone to be fully grown before getting a nose-job. However, our procedure will allow the nose to age as you age after the plastic surgery. You have to be a non-smoker if you intend to get a nose adjustment. If you used to smoke but previously quit, please contact Dr. Gartner for further details.


It is recommended that your breasts be fully developed before surgery. Young women whose breasts are still growing will effect the augmentation over time. If a woman is planning on getting pregnant after the plastic surgery, they should ask Dr. Gartner if their breast augmentation would affect their pregnancy and breast-feeding capabilities.


Anyone considering getting the Brazilian butt lift procedure should be in good physical health, and should already at his or her ideal weight. It would be wise to practice diet and exercise prior to getting this procedure, just in case you can get your ideal buttocks through more natural means. The person should have the proper amount of excess fat in order to be moved to the buttocks.

For any form of cosmetic surgery, it is always best for your surgery to be your decision. This surgery is permanent, so you should never get a procedure because someone else is pressuring you or if you only need it temporarily. If that is the case looking into an addiction treatment would be appropriate. It’s not uncommon for people to get addicted to plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is about your taste on your own personal appearance, and that level of understanding is one of the main reasons you are approved in the first place.

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