5 things to know before getting Liposuction

With advancements in diet, exercise, and modern technology, there is no reason for unwanted fat to linger on us. Dr. Gartner provides multiple avenues to adjust your body’s shape and appearance, and one of the most popular forms is the liposuction procedure. Liposuction is the process of removing unwanted fat deposits in your body through a device that sucks out the targeted fat deposits. It is a very effective technique, but it can only be enacted if you are healthy enough for it. Be sure to check out these facts about liposuction procedure before meeting with Dr. Gartner.


Consult Dr. Gartner about your current health condition to see if you are properly eligible for the procedure. You may not be eligible if you have any health problems such as diabetes, heart trouble, or smoking. You are eligible if you are close to your ideal weight (about 35-25% close) and have sound, logical expectations. If you have any further questions about eligibility, be sure to contact Dr. Gartner.


Although we promote the use of liposuction for removal of fat deposits, it is recommended that you try diet and exercise first. Whether the weight is lost through exercise or lipo, you will have to maintain healthy living either way. One cannot rely on liposuction to permanently keep their weight at bay.


As mentioned before, Liposuction (A.K.A. lipoplasty or liposculpture) is a procedure where the fat deposits in targeted areas of your body are removed through a suction device. Dr. Gartner tailors his techniques based on your own body’s specific needs. One of the most common techniques is the laser-assisted procedure. This technique melts the fat away and therefore makes the suction easier with less blood loss. You will be offered to take the procedure either under local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia keeps you awake, while general anesthesia makes you fall asleep for the whole procedure. Whichever is administered depends on the strength and size or the procedure. Either way, the anesthesia will prevent you from experiencing any pain.


Dr. Gartner will speak with you on what to expect with your customized liposuction. During the meeting, he will instruct you on what you will need to do in order to prepare for said procedure. Certain preparations vary depending on what kind of procedure you are getting, but generally there are a few measures that apply to most kinds of liposuction procedures.

It is best to refrain from smoking drinking, or taking any medications that promote bleeding two weeks prior to surgery. You must make preparations to be driven home after the surgery, since you will not be able to safely drive yourself home. Do not drink or eat anything eight hours before surgery (this includes bread and water).


After the surgery, there are a few requirements for a smooth recovery. You will need a repression garment to wear for the first few weeks. This will control swelling. You will be able to go back to work four to seven days, depending on Dr. Gartner’s instructions. It is expected to have swelling, soreness, and bruising during the first few weeks of recovery, but these will easily subside.

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