5 things to know before getting a Nose Job

Rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as the “Nose-job” is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the plastic surgery business. It is often performed for either beauty or medical reasons. A good nose job adjusts the shape while making it appear as natural as your original look. Whether it is a small button nose, or a straighter edge, Gartner plastic surgeries produces the best and most reliable results for your dream nose job. However, any Rhinoplasty procedure shouldn’t be gotten without foreknowledge on what to expect. Here are 5 things to know before going in for a Nose Job.


Rhinoplasty is done through multiple incisions on the nose and a readjustment of the bone based on the patient’s requested look. There are multiple kinds of Rhinoplasty, mainly through either a closed or an open procedure. A closed Rhinoplasty procedure involves incisions made inside of the nostrils. An open Rhinoplasty involves one incision made under the nasal tip. The Open Rhinoplasty is performed for more detailed procedures.


As mentioned earlier, Rhinoplasty can be used for more than just personal appearance. It can be for medical reasons as well. A nose job is often used for repairing someone’s broken nose after an accident or altercation. It may also be used to help someone breathe better due to an accident or birth defect.


There is no standard nose that every surgeon compares yours to when operating. Every person is different and their nose job is based on their respective taste. Doctor Gartner takes your ideal nose instruction and creates it in appropriate proportions with your face. Therefore, there really is no right or wrong way to shape the nose. The only standard to be held up to is your own personal taste when you look in the mirror.


Some side effects include bruising around the eyes and swelling around the eyes and nose. These side effects are generally guaranteed, but some a few other potential ones may include nasal blockage, skin necrosis, bleeding, and infection. Proper anesthetics are provided to reduce risk of infection. Side effects may vary depending on your procedure, so it is best to get consultation from Dr. Gartner beforehand.


A Nose Job is normally done outpatient, meaning that you can stop by for the day and be out in the same day. It is not an extensive job, so your recovery will begin the same as the procedure. The nose will have a splint on it to protect the nose for its adjustment period (which generally is only needed for the first week). But either way it is recommended that you relax and not do anything strenuous for the next few weeks. Although there will be slight discomforts for the first few weeks, the nose job will settle and be just as you imagined it. And as life goes on, the nose will age naturally as you do. It will be as though you’ve had that shape all your life.

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