5 things to know before getting a Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most sought after surgical procedures. It does wonders by giving your buttocks the well-defined sensual shape you’ve been dreaming of. Dr. Gartner’s careful, well-trained techniques have produced success stories time after time. But before deciding if you are ready for the procedure, there are some facts regarding the butt lift surgery that you may want to know about.


There is a big difference between a standard butt lift and the Brazillian butt lift. The standard Butt lift surgery is usually meant for removing large amounts of skin on the buttocks. It is not meant for removing fat. But the Brazillain Butt lift is a procedure where the patient’s own fat is injected into their buttocks in order to enhance their shape and volume. It would be best to determine your desired amount of skin and fat before picking a butt lift procedure. Too many people go into a standard butt lift procedure before they hit their ideal weight, which causes problems later on when they want to either loose or gain weight.


The Brazilian butt lift is not for everyone, but it is a definite help for anyone with buttocks in need of reshaping. This procedure helps adjust any flat, sagging, or asymmetrical buttocks. And the best part is that it uses your own natural fat to adjust the shape. We begin with a liposuction procedure, mainly from any unwanted fat areas (i.e. hips and stomach). The fat is filled in the upper area of the cheeks, creating the lift effect.


Besides a more sensual, hourglass figure, the Brazilian butt lift offers a number of health benefits. First off, the results last for a longer period of time due to our micro-droplet technique. This uses small cannulas that spread the fat across the buttocks. There is also a far lower risk of infection with our procedure, since we use your own body fat rather than any artificial implants. Our recovery process is far quicker, lasting for only about a week, when others can last up to a month.


First and foremost, the patients should always consult their surgeon if they are healthy enough for the procedure. Patients should refrain from both smoking and taking any blood thinners a month before the butt lift. Once the procedure is complete, you will have to remain mostly stationary for at least a month. So it is best to take care of any plans or tasks beforehand so that they do not get in the way of your recovery.


Once we finish the procedure, we close it with sutures that absorb into the skin. This keeps the incision from being seen, even though we make our incisions in the bikini line. There may be some small tubes to be put under the skin under the temporary bandages. These temporary tubes are just meant to absorb any excess fluids post procedure. As for the recovery process, the patient should not sit on their buttocks for a small period of time. This is necessary in order for the fat graft to settle.

For further information, see our Brazilian butt lift treatment page.

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