5 Reasons To Give Plastic Surgery a Try

In this day and age let’s face it, most people are trying to look their best and they are doing whatever it takes. We live in the age of slim bodies, proportionate faces, and beautiful figures. 

From the Victoria Secret models to the commercials with the pretty women, lots of women are trying to step their game up and look like a bombshell from Beverly Hills. In fact, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, most people innately want to look good, it makes sense; if you look good you usually feel good – welcome to the age of plastic surgery.

When people decide they want to make a change in their lives they will make the necessary changes to make that happen. They will eat healthy, pump weights at the gym, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes there is certain genetics which prevents a girl from getting a butt as bootylicious as J-Lo’s butt.

Many critics try to give plastic surgery a bad rap by showing surgery horror stories. The fact of the matter is that the only stories you will hear from a legitimate certified plastic surgeon are success stories.

Reasons to Try Plastic Surgery

  1. Can give you a career boost: Although people don’t like to admit it, sex sells. Not always, but you will generally see the younger prettier women rank up quicker in their field of work. Good looks will generally lead to higher confidence which will in return give you more of a voice in your company.
  2. Can help get rid of baby flaps: Having a baby can take a toll on a mother’s body. Abdominoplasty, aka a tummy tuck, is a procedure generally given to women after giving childbirth or to people with excess skin from an extreme amount of weight loss. There is nothing you can usually do with excess skin except hide it. Surgery is a great way to take care of the issue and tighten the skin back to your muscles.
  3. We like big butts: Sir Mix-A-Lot was speaking for the whole when in ‘Baby Got Back’ he echoed the famous anthem ‘I like Big Butts and I cannot lie’. Most women and men appreciate the shape of a nice butt! Nothing gives a girl pop like seeing her walk down the street strutting her beautifully shaped figure.
  4. Fix natural physical deformities: We always say to embrace every imperfection, but sometimes there is an abnormality which is outside the realm of a normal look which in turn can cause feelings of inadequacy or insecurities. Take for example someone having a severely crooked nose due getting it broken in a fight. The only solution for this is a Rhinoplasty surgery which will straighten up the nose.
  5. Get the look you’ve always wanted: In combination with eating and exercising right, a plastic surgery can become a great addition in your make-over plan. A plastic surgery can give a person the confidence to be themselves or to fix an insecurity that has really been bothering them. Make sure the person is able to distinguish the motivation behind the surgery. If they are depressed, or have a serious psychological issue, it is important to be leery on proceeding with the surgery.

Now that we gave you reasons to try plastic surgery it is up to yourself to find out if you are ready to make the leap or not! if you are interested in plastic surgery, we hope you marinate it over and talk to a professional. If you happen to be in the New Jersey/NYC  tri-state our center would be perfect for you since we have locations in Eatontown, Paramus, and Manhattan.

We are a premier plastic surgery center with our double board certified and highly qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gartner. If you are interested in giving plastic surgery a shot feel, give us a call at: (201) 546-1890 to book your consultation.

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