4 Simple Procedures to Please Your Mate

With today’s technology, we have the world at our fingertips. 

 Anything you could ever hope to know can be learned by a simple Google search on your smart phone, and anything you could ever hope to buy can probably be delivered to your door in under an hour.  Living in a world where our options for anything and everything are just about limitless, however, has its detriments.  How are we as human beings supposed to keep up and be nearly as entertaining, desirable, and exciting when better, faster, smarter versions of us are available in the palm of your hand?  Well as it turns out, apps, phones, and tablets aren’t the only ways in which technology is advancing, and the world of cosmetic surgery won’t go down without a fight.  Finding ways to stay fabulous and continuing to evolve into the best you that you can be is easier now more than ever.  If you feel like you may be losing your mate to the technological wiles of the day, consider these simple procedures to stay fresh, trim, and hot.

Breast Augmentation

We’re starting off with a big one here–no pun intended.  Your breasts are one of the first things that people see by virtue of the fact that they’re noticeable regardless of what you’re wearing.  You shouldn’t be self-conscious of them, they should be an asset that makes you feel more confident.  Implants are a great option for women who feel their breast size is hindering their confidence, and if you notice that your partner may be yearning for a bit more, could be a huge boost in your relationship.  If you’re worried about the perceived “unnaturalness” of silicon implants, then consider fat transfer breast augmentation.  This transfers fat from other parts of your body and transfers it to your breasts: like a liposuction two-for-one deal, which brings us to our next procedure…


Liposuction is by far one of the most common cosmetic procedures had by Americans today.  Whereas other cosmetic procedures can be noticeable if done poorly (a bad face lift, a shoddy rhinoplasty, think Joan Rivers), liposuction is typically more of a reliable–and noncommittal–cosmetic procedure.  Getting in shape can be hard, and though liposuction works best when accompanied with proper diet and exercise, it can be a hugely important jumping off point to getting fit.  Appearing attractive to your partner should be important, and shows them that you care in ways beyond what they may expect.  Keeping fit and sexy will make them feel good with a renewed sense of love and lust for you.

Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

Maybe going under the knife is a little daunting, but you still want the body that you’ve always dreamed of.  Pesky cellulite, though sometimes unnoticeable, can shake your confidence.  Even if the only people aware of your cellulite are you and your partner, why let it go that far?  If you feel that your cellulite is getting in the way of your romantic life with your partner, non-surgical cellulite reduction can be just the treat that you two need to put the life back into your sex life.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

No procedure makes you look younger and fresher more quickly than fractional skin resurfacing.  FSR essentially transforms your face into a clean slate.  Say goodbye to acne, say goodbye to blemishes, and say goodbye to wrinkles.  Nothing will get your partner going like looking how you did when you first started out, when lust was paramount and love was an afterthought. 

As far as cosmetic procedures go, this doesn’t even begin to cover the possibilities.  There are hundreds of different ways to breathe life back into your relationship, and though cosmetic procedures certainly aren’t a fix-all to romantic issues, they can certainly give you a boost in the bedroom.  Consult your doctor to see what procedures might be right for you, and contact Gartner Plastic Surgery today.

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