2022 Trends For Breast Augmentation In NJ

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic plastic surgery in the world, which should come as no surprise. Breast augmentation surgery may enhance your body proportions by not only lifting your breasts but also increasing their fullness, projection, and fullness. Furthermore, an augmentation may improve your self-esteem and confidence while also providing you a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Gartner, one of New Jersey’s top breast and tummy plastic surgeons, discusses breast augmentation surgery trends and surgical best practices below.

Your Breast Enhancement Options In New Jersey

Breast augmentation may alter the size and shape of your breasts by utilizing either breast implants or autologous fat transfer. It may also assist patients attain their ideal breast shape by restoring breast volume that has been decreased due to weight loss or pregnancy. It may also help to correct asymmetry in the breasts.

These procedures have been growing in popularity over the years and for good reason.

Is Plastic Surgery On The Increase Or Decrease?

Despite the worldwide epidemic, plastic surgery looks to be flourishing. Even after plastic surgeons were able to resume providing operations in 2020, the number of procedures conducted in the US reached 86 percent of the 2,678,302 procedures completed in 2019. According to the ASPS, the number of operations conducted increased by 22% from 2000 to 2020.

So, despite the fact that 2020’s figures were lower than 2019, we anticipate a sustained increase in the popularity of cosmetic surgery in 2022.

Common Breast Augmentation Trends In NJ


The technology utilized in plastic surgery has progressed and evolved throughout time. We now have better implants and better shell surface, which, along with the cohesive gel utilized in them, makes the implants seem more natural. Implants also have a longer shelf life as a consequence of this.

Textured implants are being avoided by surgeons. Multiple studies have shown a relationship between textured implants and BIA-ALCL, also known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Similarly, surgeons are avoiding the use of saline implants, which are becoming obsolete and irrelevant as better solutions become available.

Better quality implants provide better outcomes, and we aim to provide the greatest results possible for our patients, which is why Dr. Gartner will tailor each implant based on the patients needs and goals.


As anyone would, patients would rather have surgical scars that are minimal or very discreet. A scar that is two and a half to three cm long is considered small. Tiny scars are often hidden in the crease of the breast, where they will settle and almost vanish with time. Our patients are increasingly requesting minimal scars from their procedure.

It is significantly simpler to place an implant into the chest cavity utilizing fewer incisions when using a device like a Keller funnel. Keller funnels resemble piping bags used in baking, and this approach decreases the risk of infection by reducing the surgeon’s physical handling. It also reduces the risk of problems after breast augmentation.

Keller funnels provide a lot of advantages. Some of the advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Breast implant contact will have been reduced. As previously said, there is less interaction between the doctor and the patient, and the funnel allows the silicone to enter the cavity safely.
  • Breast implant implantation is less difficult. The funnel is a transparent polymeric surface that may assist in positioning the implant in the correct shape and location.
  • Breast augmentation scars and incisions are smaller. Because we only need a little incision to install the funnel, bigger incisions aren’t required, resulting in less scars.
  • While some scarring ought to be expected, it should heal on its own and disappear with time. The patient’s skin type, on the other hand, might have an impact on the healing process. Following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions and scar care guidance can considerably lower your chances of developing a poor scar.


Typically, implants are positioned above or below the muscle. The implant lies partly under the subpectoral muscle in a dual plane implantation. Some of the advantages of using a dual-plane placement approach are:

  • Out of all the breast augmentation procedures, this one delivers the most natural-looking results. Many scars or incisions along the implant’s top border may be hidden with this procedure, which prevents the stuck on’ appearance.
  • It also has a high percentage of nursing success. The danger of cutting the milk ducts, nerves, and breast tissue required for nursing is reduced with dual-plane implantation. In most circumstances, however, it will be recommended that you wait until after you have had all of your children to schedule your breast augmentation.
  • Furthermore, implants placed using this procedure tend to live longer than implants placed using other methods. The pectoral muscle is responsible for holding the implant in place. This allows the implant to remain in place for a longer period of time than with other procedures.


Most physicians ceased using drains about 15 years ago unless they were absolutely required. Drains are unpleasant, painful, and inconvenient. Using improved surgical procedures and anaesthesia control, drains may be avoided.

This is why drain-free surgery is one of the most popular breast augmentation procedures. Any fluids that may develop following surgery do not need to be manually removed. There’s also no need to be concerned about the drain becoming contaminated.

Even better, after surgery, there will be no tube coming out of your chest. It will be simpler to return to your usual schedule as a result. In fact, most physicians now strongly advise against using drains since recovery time is likely to be faster without them.


Every individual is unique. As a result, it should come as no surprise that everyone recovers differently, necessitating recovery techniques to be tailored to each patient. To get the best outcomes, it is critical that you follow your surgeon’s recommendations throughout your recuperation.

More and more patients are requesting a quick recovery; after all, why spend more time healing than is necessary? It’s not difficult to heal quickly;

  • Keep yourself hydrated, clean, and healthy. In other words, drink plenty of water, keep yourself and your incision sites clean, and stay active.
  • Consume nutrient-dense, entire foods.
  • Do not engage in any intense activities. There will be no overexertion or hard lifting.
  • Finally, go for a quick stretch and a stroll. Unless your doctor tells you differently.

Even a little amount of movement a few hours following surgery may assist. This may help to relieve edema and stiffness that might arise after spending too much time in bed.

To summarize, pay attention to your body, treat it carefully, and listen to and follow your doctor’s advice.


Large, super-fake breasts are no longer fashionable. The majority of women no longer desire the type of attention that comes with such a treatment. The majority of patients want breasts that are natural-looking, formed, and proportioned. They not only seem and feel more natural, but they also last longer since they aren’t as hefty.

When it comes to natural-looking implants, the first step is to speak with your surgeon and have them evaluate your present breast condition. They will be able to tell you not only which surgery is appropriate for your body, but also what sort of implants will give you natural results, based on your height, build, skin quality, quantity of breast tissue, and a few other criteria.

What Surgery Is The Most Popular In 2022?

We don’t have enough information to tell what the most popular cosmetic surgery will be in 2022. However, rhinoplasty, sometimes known as “nose jobs,” was the most common cosmetic surgery operation in 2020 and 2021. Except for the previous two years, breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery operation for the majority of the last decade.

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 287,085 breast augmentations were done in 2019, whereas only 193, 073 were conducted in 2020. In 2020, doctors conducted 352,555 nose reshaping treatments, whereas in 2019, they did 362,299 procedures.

In 2022, we predict that breast augmentations will be on the rise for trends among women in New Jersey. The reason behind this, is with the previous years statistics it has been shown that more women are looking towards plastic surgery for help with cosmetic issues. Throughout the past few years, lives have been only shown online and as we return to regular routine more and more women are looking for an aesthetic enhancement treatment that will make them feel good inside and out.

Book Your Breast Augmentation Surgery In NJ

Although these are only some of the numerous trends that come along with breast augmentation, we hope that this brief overview has provided you with the information that you need to know in order to make a choice about whether or not to undergo breast augmentation surgery. This procedure has been on the rise for decades, and it is now accessible to the majority of women who are looking into having it done.

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gartner now if you’re interested in cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation surgery in New Jersey. With the help of a consultation you can discover whether it’s a suitable procedure for you, what to anticipate, and what type of results you may expect from your tailored experience. To get started, call Gartner Plastic Surgery NJ or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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