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Mommy Makeover New Jersey

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Gartner is a well-known plastic surgeon in New Jersey who uses advanced cosmetic surgery techniques to help his patients improve the shape and look of their bodies. 

He offers advanced combination treatments like the mommy makeover in addition to more traditional ways to shape the body, such as liposuction and tummy tuck. This procedure treats both the breasts and the abdomen at the same time. The goal of a mommy makeover is to reduce the effects of having children and return a woman’s body to how it looked before they got pregnant. You are also welcome to set up a personal, private meeting with Dr. Gartner by booking a consultation at our New Jersey clinic.  

Choosing the Right Option

There is a solution for mothers who seek to reverse the aesthetic effects of pregnancy and delivery on their bodies in one easy step, and it is made possible by the fact that plastic surgery is more effective and inventive than it has ever been. 

A mommy makeover performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gartner in New Jersey may reshape and rejuvenate the regions of the body that have been most altered by pregnancy, nursing, or even a substantial amount of weight reduction, all in a single procedure. You may recover your body and your confidence with the assistance of a mommy makeover, which is completely adaptable to meet the requirements of your unique situation. 

If you find that loose skin, a protruding belly, and drooping or sagging breasts are not improving for you, now might be a great time to consider a Mommy Makeover procedure to bring back the body you remember or the body you’ve always wanted. Get in touch with us right away, and we’ll get started on the planning for your makeover.

Mommy Makeover

You Can Expect from your mommy makeover

  • Reclaim the perky and more youthful breast contour you once had.

  • Elevate the position of your areolas on the breast mound.

  • Increase the size of your breasts and give you fuller- looking cleavage.

  • *Reduce unwanted fat from your tummy, sides, hips- and other areas.

  • Firm and tone your stomach so that it is flatter and less protruding.

  • Repair separated abdominal muscles, also known as diastasis recti.

  • Remove loose, overhanging skin and tighten skin on the abdomen.

  • Boost the shape and size of your buttocks.

  • Rejuvenate your facial contours with aesthetic and injectable treatments.

Mommy Makeover Expectations

  • You’ll get back to work after the surgery within three days to two weeks, depending on the procedures you choose and job requirements.

  • You will enjoy seeing your results faster than with more traditional, surgical techniques.

  • You’ll have long lasting or permanent results, depending on the treatment you choose.

  • You may find exercise and other physical activity easier – less uncomfortable.

  • You can expect to feel more confident, vibrant, and feel great in your clothes again!

Mommy Makeover New Jersey

Mommy Makeover Candidate

New Jersey mommy makeover patients come from diverse backgrounds and have different needs, but they share a few things in common. Finding out whether you’re a good candidate for this combination, cosmetic surgery is a critical first step. When you meet your plastic surgeon in person, they’ll provide the personalized feedback and suggestions required for your ultimate mommy makeover experience that can meet your financial expectations. We are here to help you restore the confidence and the self-image you deserve.

Mommy makeovers often include liposuction, yet any significant weight loss should be achieved before planning this procedure. Excess skin remaining after fat reduction can be tightened, and stubborn pockets of fat treated through liposuction.

If you find that your belly protrudes no matter how you target abdominal muscles through exercise, you may have a permanent separation between abdominal muscles. This is a common occurrence post-pregnancy, known as Diastasis rectus. Abdominoplasty allows for repair and tightening of these muscles.

The breast component of your New Jersey mommy makeover may include mastopexy (breast lift) breast implants or even a reduction. Many women find that they dramatic size fluctuations, hormonal changes and breastfeeding alter their breast tissue. It’s up to you know you choose to restore your breasts to feel good about your shape again.

Patients must be strong and healthy before undergoing multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Your surgeon will ask you questions about your medical history, any prescriptions you take or problems with healing. They’ll want to ensure you’re set up for success and minimal risks.

Mommy makeover candidates should plan their procedure after they’ve finished with childbearing and breastfeeding. While it is possible to become pregnant again after the makeover, plastic surgeons don’t recommend it. You would risk undoing the benefits of your surgery if belly and breasts expand post-procedure again.

Mommy makeovers are trendy, in part because they accomplish so much in one surgery. For many women, the improvements to abdomen, breasts and more provide dramatic transformation. It’s essential to understand what limitations exist with any cosmetic surgery too. Your skilled surgeon will help smooth, slim and lift your body in the areas you need it most.

The Unique Gartner Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover New Jersey

Depending on the treatment(s) you choose to help you achieve the improvement you want, you may only need local anesthesia and oral sedation. General anesthesia is related to a higher number of risks and can cause side effects such as grogginess and nausea or vomiting, but you may not have to experience any of these.

Dr. Gartner uses advanced, surgical techniques and devices during your Mommy Makeover, such as Smartlipo. Smartlipo is a laser assisted liposuction device which not only decreases the amount of bleeding and bruising you’ll experience, *but also improves the rate of skin retraction significantly*, leaving your skin firmer than with older methods of liposuction. Dr. Gartner performs liposuction at the same time as your tummy tuck to create an even better improvement of your midsection.

Dr. Gartner also uses, “Preemptive Anaesthesia” which helps to achieve a reduction of inflammation due to the administration of anesthesia before the surgery itself begins. This allows you to have a more comfortable and faster recovery, reducing the amount of post-procedure pain medication you’ll require and getting you back to enjoying your life faster.

All of the elements of your Mommy Makeover may be done together, in one surgery, depending on your needs. That would allow you to plan for one recovery and schedule time off from your regular activities just once. We know you have a busy life that you want to safely get back to as soon as you can. When multiple, more extensive procedures are desired it may be advised to divide them into separate surgeries for your safety or ease of recovery. Dr. Gartner will advise you based on his extensive knowledge, experience and specialty in this area. Sharing your goals and expectations during your consultation will help him to plan for the most appropriate options with you.

You won’t need to come back to get your stitches or staples removed because Dr. Gartner uses internal, dissolvable sutures which your body will naturally break down over time and this means that your incisions will heal into neat, smooth and less noticeable scars. Dr. Gartner will be happy to speak with you about ways that you can treat and minimize the appearance of scars after you’ve recovered from surgery. As well, we’ll help you make sure that your results are maintained and you keep your new shape looking great.

Post Mommy makeover

During your tummy tuck with Dr. Gartner, excess fat in your waist and back can also be removed. These are areas which would not typically be treated effectively with more traditional methods. That means that your mid-section will be more contoured after surgery, resembling more of an hourglass. Dr. Gartner uses the latest surgical techniques to apply progressive tension sutures (PST) which seal tissues below your skin, eliminating any space where a seroma or hematoma (pocket of fluid) could potentially develop. PST also places less tension on your skin, reducing any strain on the blood supply to help with your recovery.


Dr. Gartner also pays special attention to create a natural-looking belly button which has a natural, youthful shape. After your procedure, you may return to light work within a week. Exercise and working out can usually begin around 3-4 weeks post op, though you’ll need to wait about 6 weeks before weight-lifting. You may want to consider a Tummy Tuck if you are at a healthy and stable current weight, finished breastfeeding and unhappy with your midsection due to excess fat, skin and separated abdominal muscles.



Understanding New Jersey Mommy Makeover Cost

Mommy Makeover


A Mommy Makeover is a highly customizable set of plastic surgery procedures designed to respond to the aftereffects of pregnancy. The Makeover targets the stretched skin, loose abdominal muscles, sagging breasts, and other changes that typically resist or are unaffected by individual efforts. Since a New Jersey Mommy Makeover is so customizable, getting a good sense of its cost can be tricky. This small primer will break down some of the different costs associated with a Mommy Makeover and help answer questions you might have.

Ballpark Cost

A Mommy Makeover can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 on average. This figure obviously leaves a lot of wiggle room but such a large gap between the low and high-end are inevitable when dealing with customization.

The biggest influences on the cost of a Makeover are the number of procedures included and the specifics of each one. Broadly speaking, it is more affordable to combine multiple procedures–especially if they target the same area. Combining a breast lift and breast augmentation, for example, will cost less than the two would individually.

Specific Procedures

Breast Lift & Augmentation

A breast lift costs about $10,000 but can become significantly cheaper if done in concert with breast augmentation, though the exact discount will depend on the provider. Augmentation has a similar price of $5,000 to $9,000. The choice of implants used will also affect the price–saline implants are more affordable than silicone gel and both are a lower cost than fat grafting.


The targeted removal of fat deposits will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 depending on the exact area in question and how much fat is being removed. This price is on a per-area basis and will apply each time liposuction is performed as part of a New Jersey Mommy Makeover. Alternatively, providers may charge more for the first liposuction area and require a smaller fee for each extra site. Additional costs will come up during grafting since the fat has to be purified before it can be implanted.

The Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center offers a carefully curated selection of aesthetic treatments to suit every need. We invite you to book a consultation and find out which of our facial peel options are best suited to your needs.


Consult Dr. Gartner

The Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center offers a carefully curated selection of aesthetic treatments to suit every need. We invite you to book a consultation and find out which of our facial peel options are best suited to your needs.


Consult Dr. Gartner

Are You A Candidate For Mommy Makeover?

At Gartner Plastic Surgery we have helped tons of moms get their pre-baby figure back, real moms with real results.


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Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty costs begin at around $6,000 and can end at around $10,000. The cost is heavily influenced by how involved the procedure needs to be. Simply removing a bit of excess skin is sometimes known as a “mini tummy tuck” and has the lowest cost. Removing significant amounts of skin, tightening loosened abdominal muscles, or addressing fat deposits will each raise the price.

Other Costs

In addition to the cosmetic procedures itself, a New Jersey Mommy Makeover will have other fees that come with any form of surgery. These include:

  • Anesthesia
  • Location (Hospital/outpatient center or private facility)
  • Assisting staff
  • Any medication prescribed to help you through recovery



The costs required for a Mommy Makeover can be a lot for a single payment. Fortunately, there are a number of financing options available that can be used to space out the price into more manageable payments. The United States is home to a number of financing firms and lending companies and some have partnerships with specific plastic surgeons. During consultation with your surgeon, it is beneficial to ask if their practice offers financing and through what companies.

Doctor Michael Gartner is one of the few surgeons to hold a Double Board Certification with both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He strives to refine techniques so that he may continue to offer patients less lengthy and more comfortable recoveries as they look forward to their new bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that you wait until you are done having children before undergoing any mommy makeover procedures. It is also strongly suggested that you delay getting a mommy makeover until after you have completed nursing your youngest child and before you have plastic surgery. If you wait for six months after you’ve stopped nursing, your breasts will have had time to settle in shape and size, which will make it easier for us to do an appropriate surgical examination.

Last but not least, before getting a mommy makeover, it is suggested that women wait around six months after giving birth to return to their pre-pregnancy weight before getting one. Before undergoing another big operation, this helps guarantee that the body has stabilized and healed from the strains of pregnancy and delivery. Similar to the breasts, this is important since it ensures recovery.

It is highly recommended that you wait at least six weeks before engaging in any kind of strenuous or intensive physical exercise. It is necessary to provide sufficient time for the sutures to dissolve, the wounds to heal, and the muscles to recuperate from the strain of each surgery.

You need to take at least a month off from activities like swimming, vigorous exercise, and carrying heavy objects in order to have the best possible recovery. After a month, if it is approved with our staff, you may start doing some mild activity.

When you are discharged from the clinic, you will need assistance getting home as well as having someone stay with you for an extra two days so that your recovery may be monitored and you can get assistance with tasks around the house.

You should not use a motor vehicle during this time period. After your treatment, a member of our staff will make it a point to review the specifics of your surgery with you in order to provide you with an accurate time estimate. Before you go behind the wheel, you should follow the rule of thumb of waiting until you feel healed enough to confidently manage an emergency scenario after you’ve reached that point.

Wait until you are certain that you will be able to respond correctly while driving if you are experiencing pain or discomfort since this might slow down your response time or restrict your ability to act swiftly when necessary.

This may vary from patient to patient, but you should make it a priority to stay put for at least a month following surgery before considering any significant travel. Flying is particularly dangerous since it raises the risk of developing an infection while recovering from surgery.



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