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When it comes to breasts, many people might assume that bigger is always better. While large breasts are often viewed as desirable, women who plan to increase their cup size should also consider body proportions. A recent study revealed that the ideal breast proportions have a 45:55 percent ratio and that the breasts’ overall aesthetic appeal is more important than their size. To help you achieve the ideal shape for you, the rationale behind the 45:55 formula is outlined below.


Scientifically Perfect Breasts

According to Dr. Patrick Malucci, scientifically perfect breasts have a 45:55 ratio, which means that 45 percent of the breast lies above the nipple and 55 percent lies below the nipple. As a result, the ideal nipple appears to point upward at roughly 20 degrees, which Dr. Malucci defines as a “beckoning” breast.

To test his theory, Dr. Malucci conducted a survey in which 1300 people of all ages, races, genders, and cultures ranked four breasts of different proportions. 87 percent of those surveyed favored the breasts with the 45:55 percent ratio. Thus, evidence suggests that ideally the upper breast should be just slightly smaller than the lower breast. Both Kate Middleton and Scarlett Johansson are believed to have the ideal breast proportions according to Dr. Malucci’s findings.


Consider Shape In Addition To Size

Dr. Malucci’s research indicates that women planning to undergo a breast augmentation should consider their preferable breast shape rather than just focusing on their ideal cup size. In addition to adhering to the 45:55 ratio, it is important to take into account your body’s shape and size in order to select implants that are proportionate to your body frame. While most women consider how their enhanced breasts will appear in clothing, opting for a size which will help them achieve cleavage in a fitted dress or top, Dr. Malucci’s study indicates that women, in consultation with their plastic surgeons, should also think about how their breasts will appear in the naked form. Instead of focusing on achieving fullness, the overall aesthetic look of the breasts should be emphasized.

While Dr. Malucci’s formula can be useful in helping patients achieve scientifically “perfect” breast proportions, the most important consideration when it comes to your breast augmentation should be your own personal goals for the procedure. The 45:55 ratio can serve as a guide but ultimately, it is up to each patient to decide, in consultation with their plastic surgeon, which size and shape is best for their individual needs.

It is also crucial to understand that while the 45:55 ratio is being touted as the “ideal” breast proportion, there is no ideal breast size or shape. Each woman is unique, and your individual anatomy must be taken into consideration to determine the best course of action for you.

To learn more about this procedure and the 45:55 ratio, please contact our clinic to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gartner, a leading New Jersey plastic surgeon.

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