When Can You Resume Routines After Your Tummy Tuck in NJ?

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When Can You Resume Routines After Your Tummy Tuck in NJ?

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If you’re a recent recipient of a tummy tuck in NJ, you may be wondering when is the best time to resume functional and leisure activities. Because abdominoplasty, also referred to as a tummy tuck is a surgery that may involve tightening the underlying muscles, it is essential to allow these muscles ample time to heal and recuperate.

When can I begin to exercise after a tummy tuck in NJ?

Soon after surgery, patients are often advised to begin slow walking around the home to promote the blood’s circulation. This walk around the house shouldn’t be seen as an invitation to be picking up toys or anything else; you are still in the first stages of postoperative recovery, and your body needs time to heal. You won’t be permitted to bend over initially, but you can carefully take stairs. Your surgeon will advise you to avoid elevating your heart rate and blood pressure for the first few weeks post-op. Generally speaking, surgeons allow their patients to resume a gentle work-out routine with light cardio at 3-4 weeks and additional gradual weight bearing after 6 weeks.

Activities of daily living

Patients will be encouraged not to put themselves in situations where heavy lifting is involved for at least 6 weeks, or as instructed by their surgeon. That can often mean that daily tasks are put on hold if they involve pushing or pulling more than ten pounds. A large, strong dog pulling on a leash or moving furniture to clean the house would be included here. Your plastic surgeon will help you to know when it is the right time to return to work. Typically, patients who have received a tummy tuck can expect to take about 10 days off, allowing not only for healing to take place but for the discomfort of the surgery to dissipate. If you work at a desk, taking breaks to walk around and change position is a good idea. You may be surprised by how much you use your core, abdominal muscles for sitting.

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Other considerations

Because you’ve just had major surgery, your body may have been affected in other areas which include eating and sleeping habits. If you want to avoid bloating and feeling full, eating light and healthier meals in frequent, small amounts helps. Prescription pain medication is known to cause constipation so you may also be advised to take a stool softener and drink plenty of water for the first week.

Until your belly incision is completely closed, you’ll be asked to avoid baths or swimming because the submersion in water can impair healing and pose a risk for infection. This restriction lasts roughly 3 weeks.

Sleeping habits will need to adjust for 1-2 weeks post tummy tuck in NJ. Your surgeon will likely advise you to sleep in a recliner, or with the head of your mattress elevated and cushions under your knees.

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