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Tummy Tuck in NJ: The Top 5 Myths Debunked

Tummy Tuck

Like a lot of our NJ tummy tuck patients, you may be a diligent researcher and spend considerable time reading up on your treatment before the big day. Despite the immense popularity of tummy tucks ( abdominoplasty), there are still numerous misconceptions and myths floating around cyberspace that could confuse you. Here, we’ll aim to debunk 5 of the most prevalent myths.

#1. NJ tummy tucks are excellent weight loss surgery

Nope. The purpose of abdominoplasty is cosmetic, and it’s classified as an elective, cosmetic surgery procedure. For those who have already lost significant weight or had pregnancies that left their abdominal skin stretched, this treatment is ideal. Because it deals with the superficial tissue layers, including muscle fascia, subcutaneous fat and skin, a tummy tuck in NJ can smooth, tone and firm up the look of your abdomen. It can’t address deeper visceral fat which collects around the internal organs and causes a protruding belly. Liposuction is frequently combined with the procedure, but only for sculpting and contouring the waist.

#2. You will get rid of stretch marks

Some people who don’t have loose, hanging skin or muscle laxity will nevertheless inquire about this operation because they heard it could erase their stretch marks. The procedure is not a skin treatment, but a skin remover. Any sagging skin you have on your lower belly may be excised. Only those patients who qualify with sufficient laxity can have it removed. The remaining surface area above the navel is pulled down tightly and secured at a low incision line.

The stretch marks which remain on the stretched skin are pulled tight. They may look less obvious, or they may not. If you qualify for a full procedure, stretch marks located below your belly button will be removed, and those above the belly button won’t be.

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#3. You can’t become pregnant after the operation

It could be argued that you shouldn’t, but you certainly can. It’s usually recommended that women wait until they’re finished childbearing to undergo abdominoplasty because they risk stretching out all the related tissue and undoing their procedure’s benefits. However, tummy tucks do not affect the ability to become pregnant and are not believed to be a risk to the baby. The abdominal tissue has an impressive ability to expand and stretch again.

#4. You can’t combine it with liposuction

Plastic surgeons each have their preferred protocols according to experience and what works best for them. Each patient is different and presents with unique needs. Many abdominoplasties are combined with some degree of liposuction to assist with sculpting smooth contours. Whether or not this element will be included in your cost or added to the bill separately is a matter of clarification with your chosen surgeon.

#5. All abdominoplasties come with drainage tubes

Not necessarily. A NJ tummy tuck may or may not require the temporary placement of a flexible tube to drain excess fluid early in recovery. There are progressive suture techniques which can help eliminate the need for a drain, yet each patient’s specific case will determine what’s needed to ensure safety and optimal results. If you do need a drain, rest assured it’s quite temporary and well worth it to reduce complications.

Do you need help separating the myths from facts? We welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Gartner, tummy tuck specialist.

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