Post-Op: Tips For Caring For Your Tummy Tuck in NJ

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Post-Op: Tips For Caring For Your Tummy Tuck in NJ

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks in NJ are a popular way to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. This sought-after cosmetic procedure also allows people to firm the muscles in the abdomen for a flat tummy and slim waist. It’s considered one of the top 5 cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons. To ensure optimal results, knowing how to care for yourself postoperatively is essential.

What can a NJ tummy tuck recipient expect after surgery?

Typically, following surgery, medical tape or “steri-strips” are applied over the incision. There will be dissolvable sutures where you can’t see them internally, and there may be stitches visible outside as well. Most patients will wear a compression garment or girdle which helps to reduce swelling and unwanted fluid accumulation. Surgeons recommend that the girdle, or abdominal binder, as it is commonly known, be worn continuously for roughly 3 weeks, though many will suggest continuing for a few weeks after that. Patients usually don’t mind and in fact, find the tight garment supportive and reassuring. It will help to conform your smooth tummy and sculpted waist for optimal results.

Drainage tubes that remove excess fluids from the body may temporarily be placed within the incision, depending on the surgeon’s preferred surgical technique. If you return home with these drainage tubes, instructions regarding how to care for and empty them will be provided. NJ tummy tuck patients may be asked to record the amount of drainage as this can determine when the tubes will be removed. Between 7-10 days they will usually come out with a quick, comfortable in-office procedure.

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Steri-strips placed over your incision are water-resistant, but you’ll be given a few restrictions and instructions for washing. Patients are often asked to sponge bath only for 2-3 days; then they can shower and gently wash over the incision area. Steri-strips will stay on until your surgeon removes them during a follow-up appointment. Baths, as well as hot tubs and swimming pools, should be avoided until your incision is completely closed. The temporary inconvenience will be well worth it to avoid infection risks and heal with a thin, subtle scar.

Post-op discomfort and movement

In the beginning, NJ tummy tuck patients may experience tenderness, discoloration and swelling in their abdominal region. In the days immediately following your surgery, rest and pain medication help alleviate these symptoms. In the first week, patients will find resting and sleeping more comfortable when the upper body is raised, and there is a slight bend at the knee. Typically, your surgeon will recommend that you walk around the house to ensure healthy leg circulation. You’ll also be advised to walk slightly bent at the waist for a week, which means you’ll be moving around slowly and for only short distances at first. As the area heals, you’ll notice the abdomen’s muscles relax, and it will be easier to stand up straight.

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