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New Jersey Tummy Tuck: Can I Get A Tattoo Over My Scar?

Tummy Tuck

Are you considering having a tummy tuck? Have you already had an abdominoplasty, and now you want to cover your scar with some body art? Many women have chosen to disguise the evidence of cosmetic surgery with a tattoo, and you might be wondering if this choice is also right for you.

Incision Placement Matters

Before your tummy tuck in New Jersey, Dr. Gartner will work with you to select the best position for your incision. Your procedure will be performed with a scar that is as short as possible and placed intentionally to remain covered by your clothing in most cases, however, adding a tattoo can be a beautiful way to transform the line of your abdominoplasty surgery into a decorative work of art on your body.

Here Are The Factors You’ll Want To Take Into Consideration

Where is the scar located? If it is below your bikini line, then the scar (and tattoo) will not easily be visible. When you are considering body art that will incorporate the marks left by your tummy tuck, you should discuss this with your surgeon so that they can help you decide on the optimal position. If you’ve already had your tummy tuck in New Jersey, then you can work with your tattoo artist to create a design that positions your tattoo to be as visible as you wish.

Has the incision completely healed? If you’ve followed Dr. Gartner’s recommendations to minimize scarring, you will likely notice that your scar continues to fade as it heals. May people don’t realize that it can take a full year or more for scars to mature, and it is worth waiting at least this long before you commission a tattoo. That will allow you to see the final result of your procedure and choose an appropriate tattoo design.

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There’s another important reason you should wait for the incision from your New Jersey tummy tuck to heal before you get a tattoo: tattoos always pose some risk of infection. If you have any doubt about whether you’ve healed entirely and can safely consider getting a tattoo over your scar, you should consult directly with your plastic surgeon. They can confirm the healing process is complete and the risk of complications has passed.

Is your scar tissue smooth? If you are susceptible to keloid scars or have a family history of them, then you may want to reconsider your tattoo plans as this irritation can potentially increase the risk of keloid scarring. If you have any raised or keloid scar tissue, it is best to speak with your surgeon before you have a tattoo done over the scar.

Inking over keloids can have complications, and your surgeon can advise what treatments may be appropriate to reduce the amount of keloid tissue before you have a tattoo done. When keloid tissue remains, it is best to have your artist incorporate the shape and color of the scar tissue in the tattoo design, rather than place ink over the scar to try and cover it up.

Now all that remains is to choose your tattoo design. Google, Instagram, and Pinterest are full of inspiration to browse, and an experienced tattoo artist can help you design something suitable for the length and position of the scar to transform it into something you find beautiful.

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