Important Guidelines to Follow after a Tummy Tuck in New Jersey

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Important Guidelines to Follow after a Tummy Tuck in New Jersey

Tummy Tuck

Healing after any cosmetic procedure is manageable when you’re adequately prepared. You’ll be enjoying your new shape for years to come, so follow these guidelines after your tummy tuck in New Jersey to recuperate as quickly as possible.

1. Plan To Rest

The first two to three weeks following your surgery are key for a good recovery, and you’ll benefit from keeping your schedule relatively clear. It’s best to take 1-2 weeks off from work if you have a sedentary job, and up to 1 or 2 months if your work is physically demanding. Many people find it frustrating to skip the gym for a time, but the wait will be well-worth it ad you will get back in top shape again whenyou’re ready. It will be best to sleep with head and shoulders elevated,and your knees bent to relieve tension on the belly. Ask someone to stay with you for the first few days to help you sit down and stand up as needed when you want to move or use the bathroom. Your plastic surgeon will provide instructions regarding temporary activity restrictions, and they can advise how to walk comfortably when you are first healing. You’ll likely find it easier to stay slightly bent over at first, and that is fine! Your abdominal tissue will relax as it heals, and you’ll soon be able to move normally again.

2. After A New Jersey Tummy Tuck- Stay Hydrated And Eat Abalanced Diet

Following surgery, if you’re feeling nauseous or too tired to drink water, you can become dehydrated, and your recovery may take longer if you’re not able to eat nourishing food. As part of your plan to rest, it will be ideal to have healthy meals prepared at home or ordered in. Protein-rich and nutrient-dense foods such as meat, beans, seeds, and eggs or egg-whites should be paired with leafy greens and fresh fruits or vegetables to help your body heal and to minimize constipation. As much as possible, avoid salty foods, which can cause bloating. Also avoid sugary drinks and alcohol since they will hinder, not help, your body’s healing.

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3. Avoid Infection Risk

All surgery comes with minorrisk of infection, but your procedure will be done with utmost care in a state-of-the-art facility, and Dr. Gartner will cover your incisions with steri-strips following your tummy tuck. New Jersey has excellent beaches and nightlife, but this is not the time to risk exposure to foreign bacteria and viruses. It’s better to keep outings to a minimum until your urgeon gives you the all-clear.

You can shower the day after your surgery. You’ll want to use mild soap and avoid touching the incisions until the steri-strips start to curl at the edges and eventually fall off. At that point, you can wash your incisions directly and apply topical scar treatment if you wish. If you have any concern that an infection may be developing, don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for advice.

4. Manage Expectations

It will be a few months before you see the full benefit of your tummy tuck. For the first few days, you’ll experience some discomfort and may see swelling or bruising instead of the beautiful shape you anticipated. It can be disheartening if you’re not prepared, and post-op blues may catch you off guard when you expected to be celebrating your new flat tummy! Not to worry – as your body heals and the swelling goes down, you can look forward to gradually resuming your regular activities and showing off your fabulous figure!

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