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Can a Tummy Tuck in NJ Help My Back Pain?

Tummy Tuck

If you have back pain or if you have diastasis rectus after childbirth, you might hear that a tummy tuck in NJ can help. Abdominoplasty is considered to be elective and cosmetic, not a procedure designed to relieve pain. Your plastic surgeon won’t be able to guarantee you of such results, but there is some truth to the rumors, as many patients report improvements. How could a the procedure help relieve an aching back? Let’s take a closer look at how the surgery works.

Physical changes after a tummy tuck in NJ

There will likely be mental and emotional benefits experienced after the procedure when excess, hanging skin made working out uncomfortable. People who dramatically reshape their middle may find that they fit their workout clothes comfortably and confidently, go out, and do more. The benefits to self-esteem can be powerful. Aside from all this, patients often report that they hold their posture straighter after surgery. They’ll wear a tight binder for several weeks, and the reinforced muscles help to keep the abdomen in firmly. Some patients become so familiar with the tight compression binder that they choose to wear it even longer, or switch to a waist trainer because they like the supported feeling.

Back pain, which was related to slouched posture and weak abdominal core muscles, will often improve. During surgery, the plastic surgeon can pull together the stretched abdominal muscle fascia and stitch the two sides tightly together. This creates a corset effect with a slimmer waist and toned belly. Weak abdominal muscles often lead to less spine support, so firming up the whole midsection with an abdominoplasty can help.

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Another potential issue to correct through abdominoplasty is a ventral hernia. A person might develop an umbilical (belly-button) or ventral (midline) hernia because of strain during pregnancy- especially multiples. When an opening in the abdominal wall is created, the underlying contents can protrude. This creates a visible bulge, but often discomfort during physical activity as well. If muscle separation or hernia are limiting your ability to stay physically fit, there’s a good chance your back will suffer. Your plastic surgeon or general surgeon can repair hernias.

Those who’ve experienced physical changes to their abdomen after pregnancy make up the majority of NJ tummy tuck patients. If experiencing back pain due to the general weakness described, they’ll often report improvement after surgery. It’s essential that you discuss your overall health, injuries and other medical issues in depth with your primary care physician, to rule out other interventions. You may be suitable for physical therapy treatments aside from, or instead of a tummy tuck. Are you ready to talk about your options? We invite you to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gartner today.

When you’ve noticed a change to your abdominal appearance or strength, meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and whether abdominoplasty could be the next step for you.

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