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5 Fun Facts About Tummy Tucks in NJ

Tummy Tuck

Of all the possible cosmetic procedures available in NJ, the tummy tuck remains one of the most popular for cosmetic patients. Typically, society views cosmetic surgery as an aesthetic pursuit; however, we want to share some interesting facts that may change the way you see abdominoplasty or, surgical tummy tuck.

1. Tummy tucks have medical benefits

Following pregnancy, a NJ tummy tuck may be indicated if the woman develops diastasis recti, a condition that results when the muscles that run vertically down the midsection stretch apart and leave a notable separation. While most common following pregnancy, it can also occur following a significant weight loss. It can be uncomfortable. The lack of stability in the abdominal muscles can cause back pain as well put the patient at risk for a hernia. A tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and brings them back together. The tummy tuck recipient not only has a flatter, more appealing midsection but can also improve posture and abdominal strength.

2. Your belly button will remain in place

When you choose to have a standard, full tummy tuck in NJ with a skilled plastic surgeon, your belly will not be removed or lost. Instead, the overlying skin is repositioned and reconstructed so your umbilicus will be improved yet stay right where it is.

3. It’s safe to get pregnant after a tummy tuck

The female body is amazingly adaptable, and even muscles that have been surgically tightened can again stretch to accommodate a growing baby. The re-stretching of tissue and the effects of hormones on the skin, however, can re-create the original issue that led you to your first tummy tuck. An experienced surgeon may suggest ensuring that your family is complete before having this surgery.

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4. Fat is not redistributed in a tummy tuck

A common concern among tummy tuck patients is whether the removed fat simply returns in another part of the body. Once the fat tissue from your abdomen is removed, it is gone. New fat has the potential to appear if measures are not put in place to maintain your weight. We recommend that as part of the preparation for a tummy tuck, you focus on making long-term lifestyle changes in diet and exercise to maximize the benefits of the procedure. It’s important to note that this is not a weight loss procedure, but ideal for contouring on those who have a healthy, stable body weight.

5. Liposuction can complement a tummy tuck

To optimize positive results, a surgeon may recommend the addition of a liposuction procedure to further enhance a well-sculpted, smooth look. The two methods can be performed simultaneously allowing for one recovery period. Liposuction patients can expect a more sculpted appearance on their waist and love handle regions. A skilled plastic surgeon will guide the patient through the process of making the choice that will give them optimal results.

If you’re interested in pursuing a tummy tuck with a board-certified plastic surgeon, you’re welcome to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Michael Gartner today.

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