Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Banish unwanted fat without surgery! Recontour your body with the most advanced technology in noninvasive aesthetic medicine.

What non-surgical fat reduction can do for you
  • *Reduce unwanted fat deposits that you haven’t been able to eliminate with exercise and diet.*
  • Give you the leaner body you want.
  • Enable you to feel better about your improve appearance.
You’ll experience:
  • An easier way to get rid of unwanted fat, simply by melting it away with gentle heat.
  • The ability to see measurable results in four to six sessions.
Fat reduction without surgery

We help you melt away fat with a advanced technology known as Exilis. Exilis works to eliminate fat by delivering focused radiofrequency energy right down to the deeper fat layers below the skin. This energy gently heats the fat cells to destroy them, so you permanently decrease the overall number of fat cells in your body (massive weight gain can reverse the effect).

If you have mild to moderate fat deposits and don’t want to undergo surgery to get rid of them, consider Exilis. Several patients find that their Exilis treatment is sufficient in giving them a leaner body contour, making liposuction totally unnecessary. In fact, Dr. Gartner has found that in four to six sessions, you may be able to achieve about 20% of the fat reduction you would obtain with liposuction surgery. (With a few more sessions, it may be possible to achieve more!)

Although individual results can vary, clinical research has found that a single treatment regimen can achieve a measurable circumferential reduction of the targeted area by the following amounts (according to the study, Evaluation of non-invasive body sculpting method based on novel efficient application of high-frequency energy administered to human adipose tissue)[1]:

  • 1.2 cm in the abdomen
  • .8cm of the flanks
  • 1 cm in the buttocks

After two months, a second set of measurements was taken showing a total reduction of the following:

  • 7.2 cm in the abdomen
  • 6.1 cm of the flanks
  • 5.8 cm in the thighs

With more sessions, you can melt more fat for an additional decrease of the circumference of these areas.

What makes your nonsurgical fat reduction treatment at Gartner Plastic Surgery unique

1. Dr. Gartner and our medical aestheticians examine your skin to first determine the best course of treatment that will achieve the improvement you want. We can design a customized, comprehensive treatment program just for you. Your program may include complementary procedures and/or medical-grade products that will allow you to see a visible enhancement of your body contour.

2. We have extensive training and experience in using the advance technology applied during your treatment. This means that we know how to use the device properly, substantially increasing the success of your treatment to obtain highly satisfying results for you.

3. Your improvement will be assessed after each session to determine how you’re progressing in your treatment. A complementary treatment may be recommended that can facilitate your progression.

4. You’ll enjoy the added benefit of cellulite reduction and tighter, firmer skin, at no additional charge!

*Disclaimer: No guarantees of any kind unless they are money-back guarantees. No claims of permanent results. No "Miracle cures" for medical ailments.*

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