Forehead Lift or Brow Lift

Your physical state can often impact your psychological state as well. By improving your appearance, you’ll improve your emotional state. That’s why our patients have mentioned that the sagging skin in their forehead not only makes them look tired and angry, but makes them feel tired and angry, too. How does your sagging forehead and brow make you feel? If you’re seeing, and feeling, the effects of aging in the upper portion of your face, do something about it.

What a brow lift can do for you
  • *Reduce sagging skin on your forehead that pushes down on your eyebrows and eyelids.*
  • Redefine your forehead contour.
  • Rejuvenate your eyebrows to reclaim its youthful arch shape.
  • Make you look less angry.
  • *Reduce the signs of aging to make you look years younger.*
You'll experience:
  • The ability to get back to work in about a week.
  • The ability to see the results of your treatment in a couple of weeks.
  • A dramatic improvement of your forehead and eye area that looks natural. You’ll look refreshed, like you’ve had a relaxing vacation.
  • *Minimal visible scarring.*

Our patients have even mentioned that the sagging skin in their forehead not only makes them look tired, but makes them feel tired, too. This comes to no surprise, since our physical state can often impact our psychological state as well. By improving your appearance, you’ll improve your emotional state.

What makes your brow lift or forehead lift at Gartner Plastic Surgery unique

1. Dr. Gartner assesses your forehead and brow thoroughly before designing a customized treatment plan that will safely achieve your aesthetic goals. A brow lift and/or nonsurgical treatment, such as BOTOX®, may be suggested.

2. Dr. Gartner performs a lateral brow lift, a technique that is specifically designed to restore the contour of your temples and your brows. There are several benefits to this technique, the most important of which are the following:

  • The technique is superior to other techniques at reshaping the eyebrows to restore their youthful arch.
  • It is far less invasive than a traditional brow lift and is associated with less bruising and swelling. That means you’ll have a faster recovery and enjoy seeing your results sooner.
  • You won’t have a permanently surprised look after your surgery, because only the outer portion of your brows will be gently lifted.

3. Your incisions will be placed discreetly along your hairline, so that the resulting scars remain well hidden.

Are you a candidate for a forehead lift?

A browlift is a rejuvenating facial procedure that is for men and women who dislike the appearance of their sagging brow and forehead. You may look tired, angry or sad all the time and lack the vibrant appearance of your youth.

Most patients tend to be in their 40s or over.

Your consultation

You’ll talk to Dr. Gartner in your initial consultation about your brow lift. It’s important that you be honest and frank about your concerns and expectations—this allows Dr. Gartner to get a good understanding of what you’d like to improve and what you want to achieve from your treatment.

Some things that will be covered during your consultation:

  • The browlift procedure and if it’s right for you
  • Alternative or additional treatments that can help you achieve your expectations
  • The side effects and risks associated with your treatment.
  • The recovery time
  • Dr. Gartner and his credentials as your double board certified plastic surgeon.
  • Our surgical facility
  • Fees
Your surgery

1. Anesthesia is administered.

2. An incision is made at the hairline, near the outer part of your brows.

3. Through the incision, the outer eyebrows are lifted to improve their youthful shape. They are secured by sutures placed underneath the skin.

4. Excess skin and tissue are removed.

5. Once the lift is complete, the incisions are closed.

Your recovery

Instructions on what to do after your surgery will be given to you. Dr. Gartner has designed these instructions to help you speed up your recovery, so you can enjoy your results sooner.

Any strenuous activity that increases blood pressure, such as jogging, bending over for extended periods of time, housework, sexual activity, etc.) should be avoided for about three weeks following the procedure.

It’s important to exposure to protect your head from sun exposure by wearing a hat for the first year or so after your surgery. This is to prevent the permanent darkening of your new scars, which could make them more visible.

How you'll look while you recover

You’ll look a little swollen and bruised as you recover.

When you can go back to work

You can get back to work in about a week after your surgery. If your work is physically strenuous, you’ll need to ask Dr. Gartner when you can start working again.

When you can get back to the gym

You can get back to the gym in about three to four weeks. Don’t jump right back into your regular exercise routine, as it may compromise your recovery. Please build up to your pre-surgery intensity gradually.

Your results

You’ll enjoy a smoother forehead contour and an enhanced brow arch that will compliment your younger, fresher look. You won’t look as tired, angry or sad anymore, or feel that way when you look at your improved appearance.

Complications and risks associated with brow lift surgery

As with any medical treatment, a browlift has its own set of risks and complications. The following are considered rare:

  • infection
  • blurred vision
  • numbness
  • hair loss, particularly at the incision lines
  • skin loss
  • seroma or hematoma
  • nerve damage
  • under or over-correction
*Disclaimer: No guarantees of any kind unless they are money-back guarantees. No claims of permanent results. No "Miracle cures" for medical ailments.*

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