Bride Makeover

Prepare for your wedding day with a customized makeover that will make you look your best from head to toe. Enhance your facial contours, reshape your body and beautify your skin with or without surgery to make you look picture perfect for one of the most important days of your life.


You'll be the center of attention on your wedding day. With everyone looking at you, will you have the confidence knowing that you're looking your best? A bride makeover can help you enhance, rejuvenate and reshape your face and/or body for an improved appearance and a boost in your self confidence for your big day.

What a bride makeover can do for you
  • Increase the size of your breasts and make them perkier for enhanced cleavage to show off in your wedding dress.
  • Slim down and tone up your stomach, arms and legs so you can fit into your dress better.
  • Plump up your lips for a kissable pout.
  • Smooth away roughness, wrinkles and creases for skin that he'll love to caress.
  • *Reduce blemishes for a picture-perfect complexion.*
With your bride makeover you’ll be able to do this:
  • Get back to work within a day to a couple of weeks, depending on your treatment.
  • Enjoy seeing your results faster because of the advanced techniques we offer.
  • Enjoy a lasting transformation of your appearance.
  • Feel more confident walking down the aisle.
  • Look beautiful in your wedding photos.
What makes your bride makeover at Gartner Plastic Surgery unique

1. Dr. Gartner has spent his medical career refining his surgical techniques to provide you with a less traumatic experience and shorter recovery period. That means you'll be able to see your results sooner than more traditional methods. One Dr. Gartner has improved on traditional techniques is administering local anesthesia rather than general for specific procedures. Doing so eliminates the risk of nausea and vomiting associated with general anesthesia, as well as makes your initial recovery more comfortable.

2. You'll have a lengthy consultation about your needs and goals with Dr. Gartner. This consultation is not rushed through so you receive the individual attention you deserve to help you achieve your optimal transformation. Your medical history will also be discussed to ensure your treatment plan can safely achieve your goals. Dr. Gartner will plan out the treatments you can have, taking into account any necessary recovery periods, within the time frame before your big day.

3. Dr. Gartner was the first board certified plastic surgeon in New Jersey to perform the Brazilian butt lift. He improved on traditional fat transfer to the buttocks by applying the micro-droplet injection technique, increasing the longevity of the transferred fat from 50% to an astounding 80% for more effective and longer lasting results.

4. Dr. Gartner was voted as a top doctor by NJ Top Docs, New Jersey Monthly, and Top Doctors New Jersey. He has also been voted as one of the best surgeons in America, according to the Guide to Amercia's Top Surgeons.

Enhance your facial contours

Reclaim your body

Your customized bridalplasty plan may involve one or more surgical or nonsurgical treatments to get the look you want for your wedding day.

Bride makeover packages

We offer treatment packages for your convenience, so you don't have to spend your precious time trying to figure out what you may need to beautify yourself for your wedding day.

The Glowing Bride package $525

This is the happiest day of your life, so look the part with a complexion that glows. The Glowing Bride package includes the following:

  • One facial peel to tighten your pores, minimize discoloration and get your skin glowing.
  • A photofacial rejuvenation treatment to erase spider veins and redness as well as tighten enlarged pores.

Show Off Those Arms package $8,500

Are your arms toned enough to bare in your strapless dress? The Show Off Those Arms package includes the following:

  • An arm lift to tighten up saggy skin and remove hard-to-reach fat.
  • Liposuction, if necessary, to eliminate unwanted fat for a sleeker arm contour.

The Sexy Bride package $11,500

It's all about the dress, but more importantly, how your body looks in that dress! The Sexy Bride package includes the following:

  • Breast augmentation to fill out your dress and maximize your cleavage.
  • Liposuction to smooth away those bulges in your midsection and back for an hourglass shape.

The Bridal Party package For groups of 5 or more: $997 per person (regular cost: $1200)

Don't forget the members of your wedding party! After all, everyone should look as good as they can for the photos. The Bridal Party package includes the following:

  • BOTOX® or Dysport® to wipe away wrinkles and creases for a fresher look. (50 units)
  • Your choice of injectable filler (Juvederm, Belotero or Restylane) to further eliminate wrinkles and smooth out facial contours ravaged by aging. Lips can also be plumped up. (one syringe)
*Disclaimer: No guarantees of any kind unless they are money-back guarantees. No claims of permanent results. No "Miracle cures" for medical ailments.*

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